It’s been a PJ kind of day here. I don’t know if I had super immunity while pregnant but I’ve not been ill for over a year and I’ve felt pretty smug about it! Well not anymore. I’ve been coming down with a cold for the past few days and today it hit.  I’ve felt so rubbish that my crowing achievement of the day is making a bolognese and watching a season of Friends from College on Netflix (really enjoying it!).


Onesie of the day – 13 weeks old tomorrow and 3 months on Friday!

In light of our low key day I thought I’d share my favourite onesies that Nancy has had so far. With them having feet she grows out of these so fast but she’s had some lovely ones.

1 day old – so tiny!


Onesie – TK Max

This was Reuben’s first onesie too! I just popped it in to show how much she’s grown.

8 weeks old


Padded onesie – F&F

It’s winter, it’s snowed and the heating has broken multiple times…a padded onesie has come in handy! This one was a gift from Mike’s aunty but we’ve got a few from Mothercare that I really like and this super cute one from Patpat.


10 weeks old


Rainbow Onesie – Next – pack of 3 (see spotty cat onesie at the top of the post also)

Blanket – B and M

muslin – Tesco, pack of 3

Nancy was bought these by a friend when she was born and I just love them! Cute prints and gorgeous quality . You can see from the picture at the top of this post that in just 3 weeks she’s nearly grown out of them 😭

We’ve also had onesies from Tesco, M&S and Boots Mini but I’d say my favourites have been these Next ones.

where are your favourite onesies from?

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