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Dresses to dress up and down!

24 Feb, 2016

Yesterday I was sat in our sunny dinning room daydreaming about spring. I’m not a massive fan of winter and being cold, so a little bit of warmth is definitely welcome! But then I realised that after I Marie Kondoed my wardrobe I basically only have a winter wardrobe so I really need to address my spring fashion collection.

I have two main values when it comes to my wardrobe…

1. To keep it simple (too much choice stresses me out!)

2. To love everything in it

So I’m aiming to buy a few key pieces for spring that I love, and that I can dress up and down! Here’s a few suggestions…

Easy Spring Fashion – Dresses

I love wearing dresses – probably owing to the months while Breastfeeding when I couldn’t wear them! – so I’ve pulled together a little wish list from my new favourite online fashion inspiration site, Lyst. It’s got some really neat ideas for fashion dunces like myself and takes you straight to the site so you can buy the items you love. Here are my favourite dresses for some easy spring fashion to dress up and down.

Easy Spring Fashion to dress up and down! (more…)

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23 Feb, 2016

This easy Banana cupcake recipe post is an updated post from 2 years ago, when Reuben was less than 2.

I still love this recipe because it uses only natural sugar (from banana and honey) and it’s fool-proof!

Nowadays I like to make it with the kids and I’ve updated this post with a quick video giving you a snapshot of the recipe plus some cute fingers for extra ‘awww’ factor!

Carry on reading for the full recipe instructions and more pictures.

Easy Banana Cupcake Recipe – Jan 2014

You might want to sit down for this, but I have been baking!! After my post last week about fussy eaters in which I discovered “pudding is important”, I’ve been thinking about how to make sure Reuben has two courses at dinner times. I found what looked like an easy banana cupcake recipe last night and decided I would give it a go today.

easy banana cupcake recipe (more…)

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it's a bloggy one...

17 Feb, 2016

I’ve had so many people ask me about my iPhone setup for the Pancake video!

I thought I’d give you a quick introduction to the stuff I use to make videos with my iPhone, which will set you back around £70, and a couple of examples of where I’ve used them.

My iPhone Setup for Video - including tripod, speaker and lens (more…)


Halfterm ideas for a trip into Newcastle

16 Feb, 2016

On Saturday I had the best day with my 3 favourite little ladies! My Step-daughter Gabriella, and my nieces, Millie and Olivia. We’d had it planned since Christmas that the girls would have £15 each to spend in Claires and my sister-in-law, Steph, and I would take them for a day out with food. Happily Mantra Newcastle’s finest Thai restaurant, invited the girls to come and try their new Kids’ selection.

We arrived in the midst of a hail storm but soon warmed up in the comfortable luxury of Mantra. It’s a big place but it certainly feels cosy.

Mantra Newcastle - Thai Dinning for little ones

The General Manager of Mantra Newcastle, Sam, had already picked out a selection for the girls to try, so all they had to do was pick the most expensive drink on the mocktail menu!

Mantra Newcastle - Thai Dinning for little ones (more…)


Give your toast some ooh la la!

13 Feb, 2016

French Toast (or Eggy Bread as it’s less romantically known around these parts) just seems perfect for Valentines, don’t you think?

French Toast - Easy Valentines Breakfast!

And you can dress dress them up in so many different ways – sweet with fruit and syrup, or savoury (ish) with bacon and syrup. Gabby likes it simply with tomato ketchup!

It’s also very amenable to a pastry cutter, meaning your toast could get some extra va va voom whatever the time of year (I’m thinking about my Easter Cutters I bought 2 years ago and still haven’t used!).

But today we’re going to eat our hearts out. Get it?!

Here’s what to do – and don’t forget to save the bread slice from the largest heart!

French Toast – Easy Valentines Breakfast


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