time flies when you're being a mum

11 Feb, 2019

I put a call out to the FB community today in a confessional manner to say I am currently sweaty AF.

Breastfeeding this time around has resulted in a serious armpit situation to the point where my current favourite, natural deodorant, Pitrok (which makes me sing ‘I can make you Pit rock’ to the tune of Bedrock by Young Money, every time I use it), is no longer able to hold back the flood gates.

Noice huh?!


Now, I was aware that putting out such a call for action could have resulted in the internet equivalent of tumble weed (no comments) but thankfully the Mums’ Days FB community have some up fake-armpit-trumps and made a bunch of suggestions.

Others merely showed solidarity with my plite by saying “me too 🙋‍♀️ I am also sweaty”.

Thank you, fellow pit pals.

So, my plan is to test drive a bunch of deodorants and let you know how I get on.

Some are woohoo crystals. Others look like blocks of cheese. But I’m quite excited to see how I get on.

  1. Japanese Cherry Blossom from The Body Shop – £4
  2. Crystal deodorant stick – £5.15
  3. Driclor Solution – £6.19
  4. Aromaco solid deodorant from Lush – £5.50
  5. Perspirex – £8.49
  6. Earth conscious – £7

I shall report back. This is edge of the seat stuff, so I hope you’ll enjoy the rollercoaster!

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1st time in the pool

10 Feb, 2019

We took Nancy swimming for the first time yesterday. It brought back so many memories of baby swimming with Reuben and our lovely mates! Here’s a video from waaaaay back…

Baby Swimming for the first time

Firstly, it was a last minute thing so we had to rush about Hexham looking for a swimming costume. In the end Tesco came up trumps. Although the smallest size they had was 9-12 months it was fine and it will do until she’s, well 12 months. Score!

baby swimming

Secondly, I didn’t want to go in. I totally get that my body is awesome and has done amazing things and continues to as I feed Nancy… buuuuuut, that doesn’t mean I want to squeeze said body into a cossie and parade around my local pool just yet.

In the end I did and it wasn’t so bad. My cossie wasn’t as tight as I feared and once I was in the water my boobs looked way better. Screw you gravity!

We live in the middle of nowhere so our local pool is in a hotel where a) there are seats around the outside and b) you don’t look like a weirdo if you take a white dressing gown – which I did.

baby swimming

Nancy loved swimming, which I wasn’t surprised about as she’s a big bath fan but its the getting out bit that’s always a struggle. Which is where the seats and dressing gown came into their own. After Nancy had been in for 25 mins she lost her sh*t the second we got out!

I popped on my dressing gown and sat by the edge of the pool feeding her while Mike and Reuben carried on playing. It worked out perfectly!

does your little one like swimming?

and how do you work the getting out routine to avoid any loosing of sh*t? I’m not sure I’ve be brave enough to take both kids on my own just yet for that reason! Do share your secrets below or over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page or Instagram.

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...and I had a baby in the middle of it

09 Feb, 2019

At the beginning of July 2018, the builders moved in to start, and I quote, 6 weeks of building work.

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen me mention them a few times since because they are… Still. Freaking. Here.

These chaps are lovely. If you had to (which I do), these are the ones you want around.

Brian, the joiner and our main chap, is wonderful (although started sweating before he even walked through the door from about September onwards as he was terrified I’d give birth in front of him).

There’s also a team of local tradesmen – tilers, plasters, plumbers, electricians, decorators, carpet fitters, scaffolders, sanitation experts (for our septic tank), timber merchants and every delivery man in Northumberland – who are all very pleasant. And, for much of December (merely weeks after I had Nancy) lived at our house so that it would be ‘ready’ for Christmas.

Building work


But much like a child who is still hanging about at 30, it’s time for them to leave!

We have one last big job to finish at the back of the house (TV room and utility/boot area) and then we’re left with the niggly bits. Doors closing properly, touching up paintwork that has cracked, putting up shelves, soft furnishings (*shudders*) the bits that could last a life time to finish…

8 Months of Building work

If you’d said to me when we started, “You’ll still have builders in your house in March next year.” I’d be pretty distraught at the prospect, but somehow you just muddle on! Day to day it’s not so bad. And much like with breastfeeding you have to keep thinking, nearly there. Tomorrow will be better. And when you get the odd finished room or area, you are spurred on to keep going.

It’s been hard on Mike as he had to take over the project management for me, which on top of his day job, is a full time job. And, it’s certainly taken its tole when evenings and weekends are dedicated to sorting out yet more household jobs (whether it’s moving our stuff about the place, chasing tradesmen, or sorting out the order of events because at one point we had about 15 different things that HAD to happen by 15th December so the floors could go down – that was fun. Not.)

So, while Mike was running the show and I didn’t need to worry about that (other than his mental state), the absolute worst time for me was when I came home with Nancy (did I mention I’ve had a baby during this building work – she was nearly named Brian!). Everything seemed a lot noisier and busier. Work men in every room (all playing different radio stations and singing at the top of their voices), using different power tools. And while Nancy was able to sleep through it, I was not. I was hormonal, in permanent pain in the nipple area, and fecking knackered. Tears were shed!!

Building work

Then the big win came. Just before Christmas.

We had had a few days at Centre Parcs and left the house a building site. When we came back they had all but finished the front of the house. We had gone from living in the kitchen and sleeping in the attic to having 2 front rooms (living room and study), our bedroom, spare rooms, bathrooms AND a downstairs loo.

It’s a big house but compared to what we were living in, it felt like Versailles.

Mike has a video of us walking around the evening we got back and one day I really must edit it into a short video to share on here.

After the building work

So, we’re getting there. But, then the real ‘fun’ starts. Finishing it off. Curtains, rugs, furniture, decluttering random things that have gathered because they no longer have a home… that’s the really tricky stuff.

I know how to get a radiator moved or a new wall light put up because we ask Kevin or Alan. But neither Kevin nor Alan can tell me which rug to buy or if we should put up curtains in the Living Room or not – my dad says yes but I’m not convinced!

Either way I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to this…!

Building work

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a bit of the good stuff

08 Feb, 2019

It’s Friday! We made it. Phew, what a week of ups and downs. On a personal level it’s been a tough old week.

It was also jab day today and while the jab itself wasn’t so bad, Nancy’s got progressively grumpier 🙁 She’s currently sleeping on my lap after crying for about an hour. While she’s settled I’ve been looking back through the weeks’ photos. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to share some of the good bits. Our ‘weekly wins’!

My parents came to stay

Mike was away doing a winter survival mountaineering course in the lakes (as you do and perfect winter weather for it), so my parents came to stay. I’ve been seeing lots of my mum as she’s recently gone part time and comes to see us with her new found freedom (LOVE IT). But we hadn’t seen my dad since Boxing Day.

It was lovely catching up with him, building snowmen (there’s still a tiny snow lump in the garden now!) and going for Sunday lunch at our local.

weekly wins

I started blogging again

Well, you are reading this on my blog after all so not news but it is a win! I’ve missed blogging so it’s been fun to share some of the lighter side of life here on the blog. You can see each of the posts I’ve written here: Dear Diary, Reading, BOOTD and Breastfeeding.

We went to Spanish City

Mike was off so the intention was to go for a walk with the dog on the beach front. We weren’t really prepared though and didn’t have the right gear for the hoolie that was blowing…so we went to Spanish City instead. Ooh it’s lovely. We ate delicious brunchy stuff (bacon and avocado on toast) and took home cakes which we ate in the car. Heaven.

weekly wins

I did two exercise classes

It’s been about 12 months since I did any sort of proper exercise class so, as my mate Tanya put it, I did the 2 hardest ones at my local gym – body blitz and HIIT. I totally loved it though and have booked to go back next week. The nice thing about being able to say “I’ve just had a baby” is the instructor takes it a little easier on you as you have safe words like “ab-split” that you can say when you’re tired!

I’m easing in, OK?!

Nancy’s coming along lovely!

She’s just a delicious treat! And one who’s starting to move about a bit and get stronger. She’s loving a bit of tummy time (as long as she’s in the exact right mood of course) and she’s started to crane her neck to see what’s going on around her. Mainly to listen to her fog-horn brother!! Who she loves and the feeling is mutual. Aww 🙂

weekly wins

What have your weekly wins been?

I’d love to hear. Comment below or over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page or Instagram.

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2nd time around

07 Feb, 2019

Phew… we got there in the end with breastfeeding. Although the toe curling is (almost) a distant memory now Nancy is nearly 3 months old, and it has fallen into place, I’m here to hold my hand up. I found it tough y’all.

Despite feeding Reuben up until he was 7 months (combination feeding from about 3 or 4 months), I was not prepared for the onslaught I was about to get this time around.


Breastfeeding in a shop window!

Breastfeeding the first time

With Reuben he couldn’t latch properly so before they would let me leave the hospital they wanted to be sure he could feed. After about 48 hours and a lot of booby manhandling, I was given nipple shields to try. He finally had a good feed and away we went.

It took MONTHS to get him off the nipple shields and they were so inconvenient (you can read about my nipple shield adventures here). I was forever cleaning and sterilising the shields. I must have owned hundreds as I’d leave them all over the house and could never find one when I needed it. But I happily fed him up to about 7 months, when he decided to stop, no particular drama.

Breastfeeding the second time

I don’t want to put anyone off here because I’m so glad I was able to stick with it (I say ‘able’ because I have friends that were so cracked, their babies were drawing blood and they had to stop – and while it felt pretty awful, it never got that bad for me).

But the inconvenience of the nipple shields wasn’t a patch on the shear torture that was breastfeeding in the first few weeks without any protection.

Why did none of you tell me?!??! I have a new found respect for anyone who has breastfed unprotected. I don’t care how long or short it was, breastfeeding is serious business. I honestly used my hypnobirthing breathing MORE for breastfeeding than I did for labour.

Now I’m out the other side, I can happily say it’s great. Convenient, quick, easy and awesome. And, if you’re in the middle of it…the pain does stop. Every day gets a little easier until one day you’re like, ‘oh, this doesn’t hurt anymore!’ Then you forget the pain because, let’s face it, Mother Nature and Time are in cahoots (otherwise we’d never have more than one baby!).

How did you find breastfeeding the second time?!

Do tell…below or over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page or Instagram xx


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