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It’s time to start losing it

18 Feb, 2019

Nancy’s turned 3 months, life has calmed down a wee bit and routines are starting to fall into place, so my attention has turned to this baby weight that has no intention of ‘dropping off with breastfeeding’.

I’m going to Baby Weight Bootcamp!

The problem with being knackered is you don’t make great food choices (or I don’t) and you surely don’t want to exercise (or I don’t). I turn to caffeine, sugar and rubbish white carbs. In the first couple of weeks this was ok and I still lost weight. Over time, however, I have put any weight I lost back on but by then it was too late. The bad habits had taken hold.

So it’s time for a diet and exercise overhaul. As of next Monday, I’m doing a 6 week bootcamp (45 min class, 3 time a week), with the aim of losing some weight and getting some energy back.

I’m going back to Elite; 4 years  ago, almost to the day, I started their 6 week program and lost 20lbs. I found it such an amazing experience. I loved the workouts and found the diet both effective and not too restrictive.

You can watch my weekly video diaries from when I did the Bootcamp last time, including the final video where I share what I’ve learnt, by visiting this post, Final Weight Loss.

Prepping for Baby weight Bootcamp

This week I’m in that weird space before all the action starts. I don’t want to fall into the diet-tomorrow trap and eat sh*t all week, so I’m focussing on getting prepared, both in terms of the diet and having the right foods in, but also prepping myself for the exercise.


I’ve done a couple of exercise classes since having Nancy and I’ve noticed my back gets tired very quickly due to a lack of core strength. So, I’m going to do this 10 minute core workout by Carly Rowena (she’s a personal trainer who had a baby a month after me). I did it this morning with Nancy lying next to me watching.

Hip flexers

In addition to the core workout I’m also going to spend some serious time stretching my hip flexors. Tight hip flexors (from loads of sitting – breastfeeding anyone?) can also cause lower back pain. I am by no means a runner but this is a helpful how to video.

I’ll let you know how I’m getting on!

What ways have you found to be helpful to lose the baby weight?



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Let's do the time warp

17 Feb, 2019

Nancy turned 3 months old this week. 3 months seems like nothing. She’s still tiny. And yet she seems so big and like she’s been here for ages too.

Time is such a weird thing.

3 months old

It’s tiring being born

3 months old

Tiny, she just fits in the crook of my arm

3 months old

3 months old

Phew it’s tough with a newborn. This last photo of Mike holding her just sums up how exhausted we all were. And by day we had a house full of builders, so there really was no let up in the run up to Christmas. I guess it’s those early days that make time seem so long.

3 months old

Nancy at 1 month old

And then pretty soon you can’t really remember what life was like when you weren’t feeding, burping, cuddling, changing, pulling funny faces and cooing, photographing, tiptoeing, loving this new person.

3 months old

Nancy at 2 months old

They also start to reward that relentless merry-go-round with smiles and love. It’s funny that even at 3 months old they are able to show how much they love you and you’re reminded not to wish away these early days with the hope of more sleep during the night and more time to do ‘other stuff’ during the day.

None of that really matters.

There’ll be plenty of time for dishes and books and social media and whatever else (sleep).

These baby days are short.

3 months old



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16 Feb, 2019

We’re in the final straight of the building work and after a quiet January, the start of February has seen a lot more action. The back of the house has had quite a bit of rejigging – we’ve moved stairs around, blocked off a door way and made a new one, and moved the washer and drier from right by the door. Brian the builder, is part way through fitting units in the utility and bootroom (that are way nicer than the ones we have in the kitchen!) and should be done next week!! Waaaaa! I’ll share the finished article then but for now I thought I’d share the inspiration…


Bootroom and utility

The idea for this area is to have a space when you first come in (there is a ‘proper’ front door but we always use this entrance) for everyday shoes and coats. We’ve used the image above as inspiration with the navy units, wooden bench and brass hooks.

Then we’ve turned what was the pantry and stinky cat room into a utility space for washer/drier, storing dirty clothes, the kids clean clothes and mops and brooms.

boot room and utility

The animals inspecting what used to be there feeding room… soon it will look like this: 

Bootroom and utility

An idea of the layout for the utility space

boot room and utility

“We’ll put the door right where this pipe is, yes?”

boot room and utility


Then the dusty bit will be over. Ahhh! It’ll be a lick of paint in the bootroom, utility, Mike’s office and the TV room above and goodbye builders!

I’ve shared the inspiration picture for the utility area on my Instagram tonight and if you scroll along you’ll see a video of the space before the units were put in at the start of the week. I’ve also shared the video on Facebook, if that’s your preferred social media!

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15 Feb, 2019


Thank god it’s the weekend. Half term no less! We are exhausted. I’m tired from what feels like a none week because I’ve felt so naff. Nancy’s just screamed for an hour from being overtired but is sleeping on me now. And Reuben has just lost his mind at an episode of Pokemon. Bedtime for everyone I think 🙂

Happy weekend all – Bring on the lie ins! (Lol. As if but at least there are cuddles in bed to be had!)

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Romantic meal...for 3?

14 Feb, 2019

We’re not really ones to go in for Valentines Day*. However, and I don’t think this is any great secret or that unusual, romance in our house post baby is at an all time low.  So I think we both have felt that this day required some attention and we’re going to make an effort to celebrate our love and Valentines with a baby in tow.

At the beginning of the week I optimistically bought a 3 course meal deal from Tesco (£20 for starter, 2 mains, side, dessert and a bottle of wine. I’ve also got myself some fake fizz to celebrate in t-total style). I’m now left considering the logistics of such a delightful affair. How does one do Valentines with a baby?

valentines with a baby

Valentines with a baby

It’s fair to say we don’t have the evening routine down yet. We don’t have any routine down yet for that matter. Nancy is a (mostly) content baby during the day so I can potter about and get little jobs done while she watches. But she’ll snack all day and either sleep on me or while we’re out.

At night I put her down between 8 and 9pm then go to bed myself. She has started to sleep for longer (and has slept through the night a handful of times!!), so unlike with Reuben where I was getting desperate for both time during the day and sleep at night, I’ve been less bothered about routines. That does mean, however, that Mike and I are never without the company of either one or both of our children. Lovely as they are, it is nice to have some alone time too.

Today we’re in a position where I’d like to have a romantic ready meal with my love and I’m not entirely sure when said meal will take place. If I try to put Nancy down earlier I run the risk of spending most of the evening in and out of our room settling her and eating at 9pm (not a popular choice in my eyes!). Or we have it earlier and I’m almost certainly going to be eating my lamb shank one handed while breastfeeding. Breasts out at dinner is not as romance inducing as it once was.

At the end of the day, any plan I make is likely to not pan out. So, one-handed lamb shank eating while breastfeeding may be the best it’s going to get. But as long as I’m doing it in my best maternity bra, that’s got to be worth something right?!

What are your plans for Valentines?

* Having said that, if my calculations are correct Nancy may have been conceived on this day last year. Haha!

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