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11 Feb, 2016

Real life

My List 4 - Dry February

It’s my second week of Dry February and I’ve been out with the girls, I’ve survived the weekend and I’m feeling good about it – don’t break the chain is really working for me!

My List 4 - food videoing in the kitchen

On Monday I made my first foodie video sharing a pancake recipe and it was loads of fun. (more…)


10 Feb, 2016

Oooh it’s nearly Valentines – I don’t know why I love it but there’s something about those funny valentines critters that get me every year. I’ve been looking for some fun ‘new’ crafts to do this Friday (New Thing Friday) with Reuben and his little friends, so I’ve pulled together 10 of my favourites.

My Funny Valentines - Crafts for little ones (more…)


09 Feb, 2016

Back in the summer when Mike was telling me about the 20 hour principle (which I used for my skiing challenge), I came back from the holiday deciding I’d put it to the test and I wanted to learn how to do a pull-up.

Pull ups for women - part 1. Steps 1 to 5 for beginners.

I hit the gym super excited and did my first set of exercises. I’d done a little research and apparently the best way to ‘learn’ is to start with a ‘slow negative chin up’ – basically you jump up to the chin up position (fingers curled towards you) and slowly descend.

I did 3 sets of 8, with a break in between each set, and by the end I was literally flopping straight back down. (more…)


08 Feb, 2016

Well hello there! Welcome to my blog if you’re new here and if you’re a regular, welcome back! Today I thought I would reblog my Easy Pancake Recipe, which I first published here on the blog back in 2013 when Reuben was a mere year old.

It’s been one of my most popular blogs, consistently bringing in traffic every month, so I’ve updated it to include a quick video tutorial, which proves how easy this pancake recipe really is!

Have a wonderful Pancake Day and scroll down to see the rest of the post, with the recipe and photos!

Easy Pancake Recipe

Have I got a super mega easy pancake recipe for you today – I’ve been meaning to share this for literally months. It’s been my go-to recipe for something Reubs will definitely eat, THAT IS HEALTHY, ever since Claire Manby suggested this recipe on the Mum’s Days Facebook Page back in June. I’ve altered the original recipe as I felt like I was eating a porridge patty but the result is an even easier recipe! So, if you like pancakes (who doesn’t?) and you want an easy pancake recipe (there are only 4 ingredients!), stick around… (more…)


Mums' Days Reviewers - Jayne

07 Feb, 2016
Ooh it’s really being to feel like spring has sprung here today (although it’s also been blowing a gale, so perhaps a little premature!) and today’s review of the UKick seems perfect for getting us out doors again! Mums’ Days Reviewers, Jayne, has been trying it out for size.Here’s what she made of it…UKick review - Mums' Days Reviewers - an honest review from a real mum (more…)

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