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15 Mar, 2019

Nancy’s 4 months old today! And what a change from last month…when she was sleeping through most nights and her teeth weren’t bothering her!


It’s been a bit of a tricky month, with her fully embracing the 4 month sleep regression. Some nights she’s waking every 2 hours.

4 months old

Thankfully I’ve not found it too bad. Because I’ve started exercising again I find I get to sleep easier and sleep deeper when I do sleep. I also have more energy even with broken sleep (although hangovers without drinking is a real thing).

She’s also embraced daytime sleeps in her cot, which I love. A little bit of quiet time to read and write is heaven to me (I’ve realised since stopping drinking 18 months ago and getting a bit older that I’m actually an introvert and crave alone time to mull things over).

4 months old

I’ve noticed a real change in her development this month as she’s found her feet, she’s grabbing at everything (handfuls of hair are now missing) and she’s much stronger so carrying her has suddenly become a lot easier – no more head support.

All in all she’s a delight. Our little chicken, as Mike calls her and while I certainly don’t want to wish the time away, I’m looking forward to what the next month brings!

4 months old

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02 Mar, 2019

Hurray! It’s Saturday. It’s actually 8.27am and I’m all alone. Reuben’s catching up with Pokemon, Nancy’s back in bed (she’s taken to waking up around 6am this week, which is fine as I’m already up but it’s making her a bit more tired and grouchy) and Mike’s on a bike ride. So I’m taking this opportunity to look back over the week and see what happened and why I feel so beaten up. Ha!

1. I went back to bootcamp

Oh, that’s why! Yup, I started back at Bootcamp and successfully made it to 3 workout sessions at 7:30am without anyone having a breakdown. The fact Nancy’s been waking early has been a good thing for this as I’m able to feed her and therefore don’t have to use the dreaded breast pump. It also leaves Mike with one less thing to do before the school run. He’s had a busy week at work, so if we can make it work this week, the rest of the 6 weeks will be a synch!

The workouts are hard but I love them and really get that buzz after (I don’t normally when I workout but then I don’t normally work this hard).

2. I’ve listened to some great podcasts

The other bonus of Bootcamp is I’m enjoying listening to podcasts again on my drive in (listened to and loved this from James Altucher about positivity and as a result been introduced to this Youtube channel by Evan Carmichael). Hello brain, I’ve missed you! Plus, the sunrise is so beautiful.

Back to bootcamp

3. My mum came over

I had a lovely day with my mum in the glorious weather on Tuesday. We did a few jobs, ate a lovely lunch, went for a walk and spent plenty of time in the garden. I also put Nancy in this gorgeous dress my mum got her for her Christmas. She loved looking at the patterns. I loved her bare toes!!

weekly wins

4. We went to our first baby class

If it wasn’t for my friend sorting this, I’m not sure when we would have got around to it, but on Thursday Nancy started her first baby class – Rhythm Time. It was so lovely, and has given me so many new ideas for communicating with her and playing with the things around us, other than the constant mum monologue, of course.

Shall we make lunch? Let’s see what’s in the fridge. Oh, bugger all. I’m sure I have a tin of tuna in this cupboard… etc. you know how it goes.

5. The house is nearly finished!!!!

Really this time. We had the last of the carpet go down yesterday and the builders recon they have done everything.

We’ve even had artwork go up. 2 and half years living in this house and we have artwork.

On. Our. Walls.

I know. Get the papers.

weekly wins

weekly wins

Shark by Katy Dobson

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25 Feb, 2019

I started back at bootcamp yesterday morning and I am beat! I write this in a dark room at 8:30pm and I’m aching from head to toe (literally. I have a headache and a blister and every muscle in between hurts!) – the minute I finish this I’ll be going to sleep ready for tomorrow’s onslaught.

But I’m so happy to be doing it!

Back to bootcamp

Back at bootcamp

Yesterday morning I crept out of bed at 6am to make myself some breakfast and express some milk for when Nancy woke up (I’ve been stocking up on milk in the freezer just in case but I also need to express first thing if I don’t want them to explode during my workout)… I don’t find expressing to be anywhere near as effective as Nancy though so thankfully she woke 15 mins before I had to leave so I fed her. Then I was off leaving dad in charge.

Back to bootcamp

It was such a stunning morning and I thoroughly enjoyed the drive in; having some me time and listening to a podcast.

My group is huge, maybe 50 people and the workout itself was really tough. Lots of HIIT and Tabatha style things (squats/lunges/burpees all for 40 seconds on 20 seconds off) that lasted forever (or 45 minutes if you want specifics!).

It will get easier though!!

back to bootcamp – diet

To help us reach our 20lb target, they’ve also given us a diet plan. At first it seems a bit complex but actually so far so good.

Dippy eggs and asparagus soldiers this morning were a revelation!

Back to bootcamp

I think it’s going to really help to kick some bad habits, get me out of my cooking-the-same-thing rut and get me cooking and experimenting again. Fingers crossed for next week’s weigh-in.

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24 Feb, 2019

At the end of a week or beginning of a new week, I like to look back through my photos to remind myself what we were up to. Here are a few highlights from last week.

1. Time with Mike

Mike and I had a date lunch this week at one our favourite local pubs. It’s a lot easier than sorting babysitters but means we still get some quality time together. Nancy even slept for a bit of it – until a dog lost it for seemingly no reason and woke her up!


2. Reuben won his first trophy


Reuben is really getting into football so he has spent 4 days of his halfterm at a lovely little football club in our nearest ‘big’ village. At the end of the 4 days they give the kids certificates and a few trophies. Reuben loves a medal of any kind so he was positively thrilled to be awarded the best improver trophy.

3. We went to Wallington

On Friday it was a balmy 13 degrees, which North of the Wall as we are, it basically felt like summer. Naturally we did not wear coats.

So we went with everyone else in the North East to the National Trust’s Wallington Hall. Despite the cafe being the busiest I’ve ever seen it, we had a lovely day playing in the parks and riding around the long woodland trails.



4. We had dinner with friends

Nothing out of the ordinary there…except it really is for us. We’ve barely done anything in the evening since Nancy was born so I invited us over to Jeannie’s house (Jeannie was my birth partner, along with Mike, and we had a disco in her campervan while I waited for my induction to start working). I didn’t actually take any photos while we were there but Jeannie did send me this photo before hand. A teaser if you will.



She filled each pineapple with all the fruits that you would find in a Fruit Twist Fanta…see my birth story for the reason why! Dinner was delicious, the company was great and it was so nice do something with other grownups for a change!


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22 Feb, 2019

Our bedroom is very nearly there! With the arrival of our bedside tables today, I thought I’d do a little update post on where we are with it.


Bedroom renovation

We moved out of our room in July and didn’t get it back until a couple of days before Christmas. It quickly went from this(more…)

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