Loads of Nancy’s clothes are from the big stores in the sales – Tesco, Marks and Spencers, Next, etc. I couldn’t wake past a baby sale rail without buying something. I had to stop going shopping! But some of my favourites are the ones with a story. They’re either the ones that used to be someone else’s or ones that have been handmade for her. She’s just about to move up to the 3-6 month stuff, of which she has some lovely things but here are a few pre-loved and handmade favourites…before she grows out of them too!

Reuben’s old clothes


This was Reuben’s first onesie (from TK Max) and with Nancy looking so like him, I thought I’d been transported back 6 years every time she wore it!

She’s also been using his old muslin squares, blankets and towels, and of course Reuben’s monster suit (from Asda).


Rufus’s old clothes


Rufus is Reuben and Nancy’s newest cousin (born in April 2018) and he’s been kindly passing on some lovely things – including these amazing fire engine dungarees (handmade), some vests and these lovely foxy leggings (Joules).




Nancy 4 days old and 3 months old

My mum bought this cardigan for Nancy from her church, I think, made by one of the ladies. I love it and she’s been in it since she was only 4 days old! She’s nearly out of it now though.

{The onesie is from M&S and the leggings and jumper are from Boots Mini}


My mum has since made her this cross-over cardigan, which will be fitting her for a long time I think. Happily, because I love it!

{Onesie from Next}

Do you have any favourite pre-loved and handmade clothes for your kids?

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