I’m on a one woman mission to eat everything I see. My pregnancy diet today has consisted of a Chinese for lunch and pizza for dinner, so my mission to plan and eat healthy meals seems to have already gone out of the window after only 2 days at work!! So, I need to make sure that I only see healthy food or I’m going to get fat. Soon.

To get me back on the straight and narrow I’ve been reminding myself of these snacks so I’m at least not running down the hallway to the chocolate machine during my afternoon lull.

Nuts – sounds kind of boring and obvious but nuts are handy, it doesn’t require much of them to take the hunger edge off, they keep you full for longer and are great for you…Almonds protect you from the sun and help burn belly fat, hazelnuts are good for your foetus and are packed with calcium, brazil nuts fight cancer and are great for the skin, and walnuts make your skin and heart glow.

Little pesto couscous pot – make up 100g of couscous and cover with boiling water.

While the couscous is doing its thing prepare the pesto ingredients:

a handful of pine nuts, a good bunch of basil, 1/2 a clove of garlic crushed, 2 tbsp parmesan and a tbsp of olive oil. Mix this into the couscous then add whatever veggies you fancy. I added an avocado, loads of spinach, cucumber and some cherry tomatoes.

Mix all together then split into 2 or 3 pots for a healthy 11’s!

Mexican Ryvita – I always thought that Ryvita was shitty diet food, but it’s actually pretty delicious and fills you up quick. For my Mexican Ryvita I used leftover salsa (made with tomatoes, black-eyed beans, fresh coriander, red onion and lime juice) and guacamole (I like it pretty au natural – it’s just mushed up avocado with a bit of chilli and olive oil – mmm!).

Take everything in separate pots so nothing goes mushy while you’re at work… it’s ideal as pre-workout fuel.

Time to add some of these back into my pregnancy diet!