I went properly swimming for the first time since I got pregnant on Saturday and it was great.

I’m beginning to get ‘uncomfortable’. It’s a bore to moan but I do have a point so bare with me… I’ve got to the point where generally sitting hurts a bit because my ribcage digs into my bump. If I’m leaning against something, my sides start to ache after a while and sitting in one place for a while makes my arse ache so I have to get up and stretch it out.

Stretching it out is a site to behold and requires a bit of a waddle, so really isn’t a good look. Once I’ve got moving the waddle does decrease in intensity but it’s a far cry from a graceful sway (and I’m sure the clompy wedges don’t help matters – fine if you’re stood still, ridiculous when walking).

After the antenatal class, I’ve become a bit obsessed with getting the baby used to being in the right position in the hope that when the time comes junior will instinctively be headfirst with it’s back against my stomach (as opposed to back to back which apparently causes prolonged labour and is generally more painful). When I’m sat in front of the telly I try to sit forward, and I’ve been doing pelvic tilts when I need to ‘stretch it out’. I can feel when I do them that the baby is turning around, so they do work. The teacher also said in terms of pregnancy exercises, swimming was great as you are on your front, which I never am, so gravity will pull the baby’s back against my stomach.

Well, what a revelation – I don’t know why I’ve been putting off so long. I finally got myself some ridiculously expensive (but good!) googles from the gym and got myself down to the pool. It was lovely. I felt like how a whale must feel…despite being massive, I felt graceful and energetic and pretty much not pregnant. It was a really good workout as I have to do front crawl (breast stroke is off limits due to the pelvis thing), so my arms got a good pacing and I felt out of breath, which I haven’t really been able to achieve on the cross trainer (due to the pelvis thing!). I then jumped into the jacuzzi, ignoring the warning signs that pregnant women should avoid increasing their temperature (it’s barely luke warm compared to my baths), and had a nice bubbly soak.

I’m working up to it – today I did 20 lengths (it’s a 25m pool, so half a kilometre) and I want to keep increasing that by 5 lengths a visit until I’m easily doing 30-40 lengths. I also still want to do resistance training in the gym, so on days when ‘up for it’ and I don’t mind washing my hair I’m going to do the following routine:

5 mins warm up on the cross-trainer

15 mins Leg and arm exercises (such as squats, sumo squats, bicep curls, shoulder presses, etc.)

15 mins swimming and try to keep increasing the number of lengths I can do in that time

5 mins bubbly soak!

What bliss!


Image courtesy of Guardian.co.uk