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I’ve been following my own advice from the Sunday Symptoms (besides yesterday’s sweetie overload!) in an attempt to banish these spots (the main offender in my pregnancy symptoms) and – what do you know? – it seems to be working! So I thought I’d do a quick morning blog about what I’ve been using and eating.

Firstly, I’ve been washing my face with something that’s been in my cupboard for a while now but I never bothered using and it’s great. It’s by the fabulous Soap and Glory (I love ALL their stuff!) and it’s called Clean Mary. Because it’s like a milk it seems to moisturise while it cleanses, which is good because my skin is not only spotty but also dry!

The other thing I’m using is the only oil-free moisturiser I could find in ASDA, and it was pretty cheap, amazingly. I was a bit dubious that oil-free would work for me because of my dry skin but it’s working like a dream and you only need a pea-sized bit to cover your whole face, which makes me hap-pea. It’s new from Nivea and it’s called Nivea Visage Oil-Free Moisturising Day Cream.


I’ve also been having my beloved juices (see the Sunday Symptoms for the recipe) and I’ve been trying to eat loads of veggies – check out this lunch from earlier in the week. It had at least 5 of my 5 a day, some avocado and low-fat greek cheese for protean, and then I just added it to couscous and sprinkled on some olive oil and lemon juice. Lush.

Also, and then I’ll shut up, I was reading in my other beloved, women’s health magazine about other foods that are particularly good for your skin and here they are:

  1. flax seeds (to ‘erase spots and iron out lines’. Nice.)
  2. carrots (lots of Vitamin A so they’re good for clearing up yo spots, eat about 2 a day. Sweet potato is also good for this)
  3. almonds (Eat on holiday, they stop you getting sun burned!)
  4. 2 cups of green tea a day (I’ve just found some decaff – it’s currently on offer in ASDA. Drink it while it’s hot for maximum effect)
  5. spinach (forget about the fact that it makes your skin plumper and less wrinkled, it prevents skin cancer!)
  6. cooked tomatoes (hooray, all the more excuse for a fry up!)
  7. tuna (you want about half a can a day, which us preggos can’t have every day, for it to take effect. This can be replaced with brazil nuts (about 12) or turkey (1 cup, whatever that means) though!)

Out of that list, I never eat nuts.  With nut facts like these (and did you know…hazelnuts are good for your foetus and are packed with calcium, brazil nuts fight cancer, almonds help burn belly fat, walnuts help your skin and heart glow?)  I need to start adding them to salads!

Right, that’s it for now – I’m off to buy a sports bra that doesn’t make me look like Jordon, then I’ll do my proper blog for today… All Request Friday (it’s new) where I will be reviewing my favourite juice books for my pal Polly because she asked me to. Laters.