I had my 39 week check up with the midwife yesterday and sh*t is getting real!! She was saying things like, I probably won’t see you next week…but then also mentioning booking in for inductions. Gah! I really don’t want an induction. SO this week I’m really going to focus in on getting the old Oxytocin levels up and hopefully coxing this baby out naturally. Plenty of pregnancy yoga too to get babe in the right position…

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a bit about how this pregnancy, my second, has been since I’ve done exactly zero blogging about it!

Here are 7 things I’ve loved this time around.

1. Pregnancy Yoga

I’ve been taking Forrest Yoga classes with my friend Natalie for quite some time before getting pregnant and once I was pregnant she helped me to come up with a shortish routine that I could do as my bump expanded.

Pregnancy Yoga

When I was doing the Miracle Morning (which I did for 2 months straight) I was doing this routine daily and I swear it’s why this pregnancy has been a lot easier this time. Last time I was exercising a lot but more gym based stuff and I suffered from SPD quite early on. Whereas this time *touches wood* I’ve not suffered with it at all.

2. Walking

Having a dog has been great as it’s got me out most days for a decent walk – great for the mood, keeping active and also the pelvic floor, by all accounts!

3. Sara Blakely – Mama Spanx

I know I talk about her all the time, but seriously, I heart her big. As the owner of Spanx (she still owns it all herself, hello billions, has 4 kids under 5 or something, and is a huge advocate for women), I have LOVED my Mama Spanx! Over the long, hot summer they kept me comfortable while controlling my bump in that slightly awkward, do-I-just-look-fat phase.

4. Sara Blakely – The Belly Art Project

The second reason I love her is because of her Belly Art Project – I’d first heard of her through this podcast where she was talking about Spanx but also this project and I loved the idea. Then I bought the book (all proceeds go to Christy Turlington’s Every Mother Counts Charity) and sat reading it one quiet afternoon when I was feeling like a bit of a monster… by the end of the book I was like, my body is the bomb!!

I have a baby in there and it’s making my body into this crazy shape that (fingers crossed) it’ll never be again. I felt pretty dang gorgeous, if I’m honest! So, if you’re pregnant and you’re not feeling it, get your hands on this book or look at the insta feed #bellyartproject here.

Pregnancy Yoga

I REALLY want to do my own belly art before it’s too late but I need someone’s help to do it and no-one is forth coming!!

5. This skirt

The weather turned hot and my clothes stopped fitting, I had NOTHING to wear. I was lamenting this with my lovely friend, Jo, and she sent me a link to this very skirt. I have loved it more than hot buttered toast and am still wearing it to this day, even though the weather has ‘turned’…significantly. Best buy!

6. Tube dresses

In a similar vane I have been all over tube dresses – I wore them with my mama Spanx in the summer and now wear them with mama tights and cardies. Big love.

I would never normally wear a tube dress as I’d be worried about my tummy but finally with a huge bump that didn’t matter. People would say things like “you suit being pregnant” which I can only assume means the rest of my body finally looks in proportion! God love the bump.

38 weeks pregnant

7. Hypnobirthing

At 28 weeks I suddenly got THE panic – 12 weeks to go and I’ve not yet thought about HOW this baby will come out.

After a rather traumatic first experience (read all about my labour with Reuben here), denial had been the main thought process – so I knew I was going to need some serious help to get to a happy place where I was looking forward to giving birth again.

It took another 4 weeks to do something about it, but when I found Shona’s website, Empowered Hypnobirthing for Warrior Women, I knew just from the opening page that she was my kind of woman. She replied from holiday in Canada with a one-to-one solution that would fit with our timeframe and I was so relieved and happy.

After just our first session, I was already feeling genuine excitement about it all – after all you do get a lovely little baby – and over the 3 weeks, loads of affirmations and listening to the mp3s, plus fulfilling all the really practical tips, I’m now feeling ready to do this!

What did you love when you were pregnant?

I’d love to hear in the comments below! Or come and join in the conversation over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page.