Recently I have been trying to grow the Mum’s Days page community and have been much more active posting questions, links, stupid things that get me through the day…you may have noticed if you like the Mum’s Days Facebook page (!). I have had a great response with loads of comments and likes of posts, which gives me a lot of pleasure. But the actual growth in numbers has been waining. So I decided to run a facebook competition.

I generally steer clear of things like this, as I don’t want people to like the page just because I give stuff away! However, I found a few bits and pieces of goodies that Nuby had sent me previously, and I thought, “You know what? There have been some lovely people sharing their lives through the stupid things I post and getting involved, so I will pass them on to anyone who might need them”. And if you can help me get to 500 likes, so much the better!!

Now, like the 5 loaves and the 2 fish (a good ol’ harvest story!), it has turned into a veritable feast of goodies (thanks to the generosity of the lovely people at Nuby!).

Facebook Compeition

Drum roll please for the competition details…

Facebook Competition

Because there are sooooo many prizes, to make it easier and so I don’t get too confused, I will focus on a category a week, starting with 0+ months prizes, and all you have to do each week is:

  1. like the Mum’s Days Facebook page;
  2. share the post (and ask your friends to Like the Mum’s Days Page, share and COMMENT); and,
  3. COMMENT BELOW the post (that is very important so that I know you have shared and can be entered into the drawer – FB won’t let me see otherwise).

At the end of each week I will announce the winners*, 3 for each category.

The Facebook Competition Dates

Facebook Competition from 1st to 7th October (I will let the winner know on the 7th)

0+ month category prizes are this super cute teether tugz, and lots of soothers!

You can enter this week’s facebook competition here

0-6 months facebook competition

Facebook Competition from 7th to 14th October (I will let the winner know on the 14th)

6+ month category is 2 types of 6 month+ drinking cups and some feeding spoons to get you started with weaning (girl versions can be organised!)

6+ months facebook competition

Facebook Competition from 14th to 21st October (I will let the winners know on 21st October)

12 month + category are some fab bath toys! (see my review of the splash n catch bath time toy here)

12+ month facebook competition

I have a final spooky competition that I will run in the last 10 days of October – but I’ll fill you in on that closer to the time!

The 0+ facebook competition is up now so you can get started with your liking and sharing and commenting! Good luck and thank you for all your support  xxx

* Entries must be from the UK and feel free to enter as many of the competitions as you like – they are each separate and a winner will be chosen at random!