Everything about this post is too much information. If you don’t want to read about pubic hair, I suggest you stop reading now! Mum, that includes you xx

peak bald - is it time to bring back pubic hair? I say YES! http://www.mumsdays.com/pubic-hair/


Bringing back pubic hair

It’s now super commonplace for young women to get rid of all their pubic hair. Whether it’s a trend fuelled by the porn industry or the other way around, I’m still not that keen on the idea that young men are growing up thinking that women don’t have hair down there! It’s taken the best part of a decade but I’m finally taking a stance. I’ve reached my own ‘peak beard‘ (or peak bald?) and I’m ‘growing’ it.

If I’m honest, despite all the Kaitlin Moran justifiable reasons for bring back pubic hair, the main reason I’m quitting is because waxing is really effing painful and I’ve had enough. Why would I do such a thing to my most delicate part?

It’s also expensive and, if you ask me, having no hair as I grow older is making me feel a bit icky. I rarely go into a salon and ask for the full monty but I often seem to leave with one! “Your hair is too patchy, let’s just get rid of it.” Thanks a bunch! “It’s much cleaner, you  know?”…is it really?

Whilst researching what to do with my new, er, bush, I’ve found some evidence that suggests this Cleaner argument might not be true… in the politics of pubic hair: why is a generation choosing to go bare down there? it states that “Pubic-hair removal…naturally irritates and inflames the hair follicles, leaving microscopic open wounds” which basically increases the chance of infection or STDs.

Open wounds. Now there is a word that definitely puts me off! I don’t care how small they are.

So, I’m done but I am still left with a conundrum… How does one go about a pubic hairstyle? I definitely don’t want to go all out 70s. I want to be able to wear a swimming costume without ‘sprouting’ out the sides.

However, I know from a lot of experience that the salons are good at removing hair but have a complete disregard for the hair left, so that’s not really an option. Equally I know how incapable (and mainly unwilling) I am to do too much DIY grooming. I’m scared of waxing (unless done by someone else) and I have a bad history with shaving.

What are the options? Do you have any suggestions or articles about how to manage your pubic hairstyle?!