dear diary

This was a rare daytime reading moment of Pokemon fact-finding from the weekend. I wish it was something I saw more of. He does like reading but he generally has other interests at the moment that he’d rather pursue (telly, computer games, running around with stuffed toys, football, talking about poo…that kind of thing).

One of the things I’m missing most since having Nancy is our bedtime routine. We would take it in turns to read to each other and it was lovely. I LOVE kids’ books!

These days the routines are clashing! Nancy is often fussy at that time of night, so my focus has been on sorting her because I’m shattered and often in bed at the same time as Reuben. So he’s reading his school book at bedtime and first thing in the morning, mainly to himself.

I’m hoping to start a new routine where I put Nancy down a bit earlier and then read with Reuben. It was sort of successful last night in that I read with him, but Nancy wouldn’t settle so I was feeding her too. He was OK with that. He seems to be totally used to her constantly glued to my chest! So, maybe that can be a compromise for now but I would like to reintroduce some alone time with him. I kind of miss him too I guess!

How do you manage your bedtime routines? When do you read with your kids? And do you make sure you have some alone time with each of your kids?

I’d love to hear about your routines and how you make it all work (whilst being knackered yourself!!), so please do leave a comment below or come and have a chat on the Mums’ Days Facebook or Instagram pages.