I haven’t done my customary New Years Resolution post yet this year! I figured, surely if it’s a resolution, it’s relevant all year long and actually posting at the end of January means I can also see how it’s going.

And I also have another great competition from the oh so supportive Protest, who want to help you reach your 2016 goals too. Scroll to the bottom for more info.

Resolution revisited - don't leave your resolution in January, keep it with you all year!

So how are my resolutions going? Truthfully?

Not that well! But all is not lost…

Resolution Revisited

I do love a good resolution but I have to admit that last year’s resolution to become a Planner did not go well!

I am not, and probably never will be, a planner. I like spontaneity a bit too much. But in trying this on for size, what I did discover is that I respond well to a challenge.

The three obvious challenges from last year were: the Castle Challenge, where we saw all 40 of Northumberland’s Castles and had a load of fun days out with family and friends in the process; Losing 20lbs in 6 weeks; and, the 20 Hour Ski Challenge, where I learnt to ski in 20 hours, which ended in Serre Chevalier.

So, the take-away is that whilst I have overarching resolutions I want to keep, I need to set myself challenges around those resolutions if I’m going to achieve them!

Resolution 1 – Get out and about with Reuben

The challenge – Do a new thing every Friday

To replace the Castle Challenge, which we used to do on Fridays, we are now doing a NEW THING instead! So far we have…been to Bradley Gardens, been on BBC Radio and ITV news and this Friday we will be planting some bulbs and giving Reuben’s little friend Beau a tour of our village!

Resolution 2 – Restore healthy habits

The challenge – Do a pull up

Reading my final weigh in post from last year’s 20lbs challenge, I have lost my way a bit! I did lots of skiing over the winter period but I also forgot my lessons in portion control.

In order to be able to do a pull up, I need to be exercising in a regular and focused way. I also need to lose the Christmas flab!! It’s a sneaky way of getting back into shape.

Resolution 3 – “Become a deeply disciplined half-ass”

The challenge – blog daily through February and March

I have taken this resulting right from one of my best books from 2015Big Magic. My ‘blog life’ has become a bit stilted because I’m aiming for perfection (I hide it well). And in aiming for that a) it takes me longer to get started and b) I’m not as happy – it’s exhausting spending your time putting something off, you know?

I am at my happiest when I’m busy fooling around, creating things and sharing it. And I recon that’s where the Big Magic in me lives.

The key for this challenge is to make a new habit (one I’ve done before in 2014 but I misunderstood) and they say it takes 60 days to really form a new habit, hence the 2 month challenge.

So that is my resolution revisit, what are yours?!

I’d love to hear in the comments below and be sure to come and join the conversation on the Mums’ Days Facebook Wall.

Resolution Revisited – The FB Party

**This event has been and gone – and it was a huge success. Lots of motivated people sharing their ideas!**

I would like to invite you to a Facebook party on the Mums’ Days Facebook Wall next Wednesday; Resolutions Revisited! I’d love to hear all about what your resolutions were, and how you’re getting on with them now.

Perhaps we can help each other get back on track and work through any stumbling blocks to making 2016 the best year yet!

Pop a little reminder in your phone now for Wednesday, 3rd February at 8pm, and be sure to click going here for your chance to win 1 of 5 Protest fleeces (of your colour choice)!

Resolution Revisited - don't leave your resolution in January, keep it with you all year!

Protest Competition

I have one final competition to bring you from Protest, which would help with both resolution 1 and 2 from my list!

1st Prize

First prize is to win

  1. the Madeline Jacket – a fully fleece lined parker jacket that is just the business. I have been loving it the winter, it’s so cosy but also stylish, so you could wear it out in polite socitey! Really lovely and perfect for day-trips with the family (resolution 1!).
  2. The Mute Fleece – beautiful fleecy number in a range of colours to chose from. I’ve been wearing mine on my infrequent jogs (it’ll come in handy for resolution 2!!) and this fleece has kept me both warm and mostly dry. I really love it.

I also have 2 runner up prizes of the fleece!

Resolution Revisited - don't leave your resolution in January, keep it with you all year!

Just fill in the rafflecopter below – Ts and Cs apply (see rafflecopter).

Good luck!!

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