Tracy, mum to Grace who has just turned 4, has had the perfect product to review…the Party Package from Party Bags & Supplies, worth £28. Let’s see what she makes for the Cinderella Party Pack.

Party Bags & Supplies - Party Pack review. Mums' Days Reviewers

Review – Party Bags & Supplies

Quality – ★★★★☆

Price – ★★☆☆☆

Overall – ★★★☆☆

Having a little girl about to turn a big 4 was an ideal situation for us to review the party package from Party Bags & Supplies.  We weren’t having a full blown party (don’t think my nerves could cope with a room full of 3 & 4 year olds) but had planned on a little tea party for her and a few family and friends.

Now firstly what you need  to know about Grace is that she is Princess obsessed – so much so that she calls her Daddy “My Prince”, her nickname is Pumpkin Princess and she wears a princess dress most days.

One of her main gifts was to be a Cinderella dress so when I logged onto Party Bags & Supplies Website to view the party packages I was thrilled to see the variety of ranges offered.  They have everything from Minions to Dinosaurs, Paddington Bear to Ninja Turtles so I was made up to see they had a Cinderella range – perfect for my Pumpkin Princess.

Party Bags & Supplies - Party Pack review. Mums' Days Reviewers

I must admit I was a bit put off by the price £28 for the package but decided to reserve judgement until the goods arrived.  I was not disappointed.  Within the package was 8 plastic cups, 8 quality paper plates (they were quite sturdy so could hold coleslaw, etc. without going soggy), a packet of napkins, a plastic table cloth and 8 party bags – with gifts in!!!!

All of the goods had my chosen character of Cinderella on them and looked fab.  The quality of the goods were of a high standard – plastic table cloth and cups meant we could rinse/wipe and reuse.

The party bags were fab as well as they came pre filled which saved us the hassle of doing them – ours had a princess tattoo, princess stickers, magic drawing board, princess fairy wand and a sweetie lipstick – but the contents vary depending on what character/theme you buy.

When Grace saw the table set up she was ecstatic, which was wonderful!

I am still not 100% convinced on the price but I think that’s just in my bargain hunting nature as I cannot fault the products, delivery, etc.  Also as a little added bonus they had put in a code for 10% discount off my next order.  All in all a very good purchase and it made for one very happy Birthday Princess.

Party Bags & Supplies - Party Pack review. Mums' Days Reviewers

Thanks for your review Tracy!

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