The plan for this Birth Story feature is to post 2 Birth Stories a week until I run out, and I have enough to see us through until mid December! – as I’m still being sent new ones this could just keep going, which is fab because when I asked what you wanted, I was told “More Birth Stories!” So hurrah! I have a host of different tales from caesarian to forceps, birth pool to bathroom floor (if my pal sends her’s in, which I so hope she will!)

Today’s is a really interesting birth story from Sarah – I say interesting because so often people turn up at hospital and get sent home (in agony!) because they aren’t ‘in labour’ (“yes I f***ing well ammmmmmmm. grrrrrrr”) but, without wanting to spoil it for you, if Sarah had done that we’d be having a ‘baby born in the car’ story, which would be exciting but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! Here’s her fast labour story…

Sarah’s Fast Labour Story – Benjamin, born 31st May 2013

My second boy was born 31st May this year on his due date. I started on the Thursday morning with back ache and the odd twinge, by 12 am Friday morning my contractions were coming every 5 mins. I phoned the labour ward who advised me to go in for a check. I went in but I was only 3 cm so they did a stretch and sweep , my contractions had slowed down now though so I was sent home.

I had 3 baths at home and spent most of Friday walking around my house as my contraction would slow every time I lay down. By 1.45 pm they were strong and coming every 2 mins and lasting at least a minute. I went back to the hospital, where I was hooked up to the monitor and examined, and the midwife said I was still only 3 cm. By this time I was feeling disheartened as I thought the pain was excruciating but when I asked for gas and air I was told that I didn’t need it as I wasn’t in established labour!!

Again they wanted to send me home but I refused. So I was told to walk round the hospital. The midwife left the room and I got off the bed and walked across the room to the toilet then that’s when it hit me! My contractions started to come continuously and I had the urge to push!

I told my hubby that the baby was coming and that I need to push. He pressed the alarm and a student nurse came in. She took one look at me and said that she would get help, my waters then broke and I was helped to the bed. With two pushes my baby boy was born 24 minutes past 2 (20 mins from when I got there) I’m just so glad I refused to go home otherwise I would have given birth in the car!


Thank you Sarah!!  How insane is that? I’d love to understand the science behind that – to go from 3 cm to pushing in the space of minutes!

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