Shahnaz’s story really sums up for me the unpredictability of labour and birth – waiting at home, visiting hospital only to get sent home again, more waiting (all of which is incredibly painful despite not being in “established labour”!!) and then all of a sudden you’re in a birthing pool and having a water birth! Thank you so much for your lovely story, Shahnaz.

Labour and Birth Stories - Water birth

Shahnaz’s Water Birth Story

I was 39+5 when my contractions started, I was in bed and it started with mild period pains at around 4.00am on the Friday (I had done lots of cleaning that day, not on purpose I’m just a clean freak!) and they carried on right through that whole day. I went into hospital at midday but got sent home as I was only 2cm. I then stayed at home in bed most of that day in lots of pain and at 3am Saturday morning I dragged my partner out of bed and drove to the hospital at which point I was still only 2cm! I couldn’t believe it. I was in so much pain!

We went back home and I TRIED to sleep but kept waking up every 5 minutes to a contraction, which was so tiring.

My parents came round on the Sunday and made some food, which I couldn’t eat. I just walked around the flat moaning and crying! 2.00pm came and I said to everyone I really have to go back to hospital now. My partner kept saying, “They are just going to send you home.”

“Well, you just stay here if you don’t want to come!” I told him

My dad drove us there with his “shortcut” which was extra long with lots of speed bumps! I got examined around 3.00pm and I was now 5cm! I asked for a water birth and it was luckily free as it was quiet in the birthing suite. I got into the water at 3.30pm, which was amazing, I highly recommend!

My gorgeous baby boy was born at 8.30pm weighing 7lbs 6!

Did you have a water birth? How did you find it?!

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