Wow, so blogging everyday is pretty tough. Right now I’d like to get a bottle of wine and snuggle on the sofa with Mike! This week has been on the shit side and the general rule of blogging is: if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it. But if you’re blogging everyday, you’ve got to come up with something. Right?

Well, I’ve flipped open my favourite book (I’ve talked about it a LOT before – Manage your day-to-day) and look what it opened to…

show up to work

“Getting Unstuck” by Mark McGuinness in Manage your day-to-day by 99U 

Well, that’s put my situation into perspective! So, instead of bemoaning my non-problems, I am showing up for work.

I’ve decided to look to pinterest for inspiration. It’s my favourite place at the moment. And, what better way to make yourself feel better than to look at loads of insanely beautiful pictures. Today’s stop: Nails.

nail art

I am crap at doing my nails but I sure feel like a better human being when I have done them (then I let them chip away until there’s only a little scrap of colour left on each nail!). Have you seen the nail art on pinterest? Some of it is truly hideous but some of it is sick! If you’re after a tasteful selection, here are 5 lovely boards to follow for inspiration…

1) Hannah from Make, Do and Push! has a lovely board called Nailed It (which is where I got the image above from)

2) Pearls and Polish do nail tutorials on their blog so their pinterest board, Nail love, is obviously good!

3) Miss Fingerlady has a board of the same name, showcasing her blog’s posts

4) Lindsey of Neverland Nail blog has a wonderful board called Nail Art I love

5) Sammersaurus has a bunch of cool boards you might like on her profile!

 Do you have a favourite nail board on Pinterest? And, what makes you feel good when you’re not feeling so hot? Do share in the comments below! xx