Yey, I’m working with Protest again! After the success of our summer campaign, which reached over 150,000 people, Protest have invited me to be their Winter Ambassador. The Protest Autumn and Winter collection isย amazing, so I’m going to be looking great skiing down the mountains this year.

Instead of getting Beach Ready we’re getting Piste Ready!

Skiing in 20 hours? My Protest Ambassador Challenge

There’s one slight problem though.

I can’t Ski.

Yep! So, with the help of Everyone Active and the Silksworth Sports Complex and Ski Slope in Sunderland, Protest have challenged me to learn to Ski…in 20 hours.

Why 20 hours?

Well, apparently it doesn’t take as long as we think to get good at something. There’s a lot of talk of 10,000 hours (thanks to the excellent book, Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell), but according to Josh Kaufman it’s that initial burst, that steep learning curve, that you want to take advantage of. It starts to taper off at about 20 hours beyond which improvements get smaller and smaller.

Learning-curve - 20 hour skiing? The challenge

This image is from Josh’s talk and you can see the full, fascinating Ted Talk here:

Josh believes you can use the 20 hour theory for any new skill – learning a language or an instrument, but how about something physical? I plan to put it to the test!

What’s wrong with Skiing?

I have no choice in the matter but I’m a bit competitive.

“It’s the taking part that counts” is often lost on me and the thought of not being good at something, will stop me having a go even when I want to. I am getting better at taking part – I even had a game of Monopoly with Gabriella recently (baby steps!) – but it requires effort to go against my natural instinct.

For this reason, I’ve never been interested in Skiing.

“It’s something you learn as a kid so I’m over the hill with that one. My kids will both be zooming around and I’ll be hideously embarrassed on the baby slopes…”

My husband, Mike, introduced me to the 20 hour theory while we were on holiday in the summer. Ever since I’ve been thinking about all the skills I could learn from Spanish, to doing a pull up, to Skiing.

Mike took this literally and we have our first Skiing holiday booked for the 27th December.

Crap! But, if this 20 hours thing is right, maybe I can get to a level where I’m comfortable with my skills and can enjoy it. That’s the dream and I will be having my first lesson tomorrow. At the very least, I’ll be looking good while I do it!

Tune in next week to see how it went and for your chance to win my Skiing Outfit!

My Challenge for you!

My challenge for you is to pick something to learn to do in 20 hours.

Don’t wait until the New Year to START that thing you’ve always wanted to do – let’s finish 2015 with a bang!

The added bonus of doing something fitness related is it’s great for your well-being. When sunshine is in short supply, it’s more important than ever to get out in the fresh air and work your lungs. Your brain will seriously thank you for it.

To celebrate the launch of this new challenge, I’d like to invite you to the 1st Festive Fitness Facebook Party, next Wednesday, 25th November 2015.

By clicking ‘Going’, you will be in with a chance of winning one of 5 gorgeous Protest Herla Beaniesย worth ยฃ19.99 (that will keep your head warm while you’re learning a new skill!).

Skiing in 20 hours? My Protest Ambassador Challenge and Facebook Party

At the party we’ll be talking about our 20 hour challenge and discussing tips to stay healthy and happy this winter.ย See you there!

In the meantime, wish me luck with my first lesson at Sunderland Silksworth Sport Complex tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing any amusing video footage.