Thank you to Sophie for today’s wonderful Birth Story…it’s almost text book, it’s so positive. Until the end, that is, when it’s high drama!

Sophie’s (Almost) Natural Birth Story

I wrote out my labor story after seeing your post yesterday! Such a great idea. I loved reading labor stories when I was pregnant! I was due August 13th 2013 but I knew my whole pregnancy that I’d be early. I just had a gut feeling. From about 35 weeks I was prepared & ready to go into labor at any time although I said I think I’ll go into labor on my birthday (August 5th) and have him the day after.

Since Sunday July 28th I had a reduced number of baby movements due to stress after my partner, Tom’s, Nan suddenly passed away and then 4 days later my own Nan passed away so I was being monitored every 2-3 days but luckily everything was showing up as okay. I had my regular monitoring on August 5th (my birthday) at 11:30am & they offered to examine me and see if I was dilated any. They really didn’t expect me to be but they found that I was already 3 cms! The midwife turned around to us and said I don’t expect to see you for your next monitoring in 3 days. We had planned to go out for a meal that night but Tom ended up cooking because we were scared I’d go into labor.

Around 9:30pm that night I felt my first contraction. I knew exactly what it was right away. I was so excited. I went onto the app on my iPad and timed it. They lasted around 1min 30 seconds every 7 minutes. I rang the delivery suite & they told us to have a hot bath & try and get some sleep & come in when they’re 5 mins apart.

At 11pm we went to the hospital & got told we were 3cms still & go home. It was heart breaking leaving the hospital with no baby. Once we were home I managed to sleep for about 40 minutes on and off so around 3am we went back the hospital. I was still only 3cms but they said they would keep us in and examine us again in 4 hours.

At 11:30am my mum came up to be with us and they decided to check me again. I was finally 4cms but baby was back to back. I started on gas and air and they told me to stay active & bounce on a birthing ball to try and get baby to turn. Luckily he did! My contractions became a bit easier then.

Once I was 6cms at around 3:30pm they thought breaking my waters was the best thing for me. They did and I progressed fairly quickly then.

From about 4:30/5pm they kept asking me if I wanted an epidural, I really didn’t because of the increased risk of tearing badly so I kept declining but I was so tired and they kept saying I would be able to have a little sleep if I had the Epi.

After hours of napping in between contractions I finally asked for the epidural so I could sleep properly. This was at 8pm and my midwife was meant to finish. She told me that she would check me to make sure I was still able to get the epidural. She looked up at me and went “no epidural here, you’re 10cms! It’s time to push!”

I tried pushing on all fours but I kept feeling like it was just a poo so I went back to lying down and pushed for around 20 minutes. The pain of the baby crowing was worse than the contractions! It was horrendous! Tom kept telling me how amazing I was doing & my mum was telling me how much the baby was coming out!

A few more pushes later & my baby boy was born at 8:28pm! He was perfect! As soon as he was put on my chest he stopped crying. My mum was taking pictures of Tom, Dougie and I. After about 5 minutes Tom stepped outside to ring his dad and let his family know. The midwife suddenly grabbed the baby off my chest and told the other midwife to give him some oxygen and take him to resuscitation! Just as Tom was coming back in I was screaming and tears pouring down my face and my mum looked like her world was ending. I shouted at Tom to go with Dougie. I felt like my life was about to be ripped apart and there was a problem that’s why he wasn’t moving when he was still in my belly.

5 minutes of worrying, panicking and crying turned into relief when I heard Dougie screaming. I was so happy. Tom came walking in holding the baby. I’ve never felt so proud.

Our family became complete that day. He was 7lbs 8.5ozs of pure perfection.

I had no tears, just 2 little grazes. I did it all with just gas and air as pain relief and even though I had a long labor I loved every second of it. I just hope I’m as lucky next time round!

Natural Birth

Tom, Dougie and Sophie