I’ve managed to bully my blogger pal, Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, into sharing her birth story with us. Like me, Aby had SPD in pregnancy but much more severe as she needed a crutches in order to get around towards the end! That’s not the only similarity either – waters breaking, then an induction, Gas and Air not doing enough so adding drugs plus episiotomy. Ah, the fun! I was never sick on a doctors head though. Small mercies.

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SPD in pregnancy – Aby’s Birth Story

Many thanks to Hannah for giving me an opportunity to tell my birth story. Giving birth is something that I actually convinced myself would never happen to me, as it took so long to get pregnant. I actually got pregnant the month before our initial IVF consultation! Great timing bubs!

Anyway, I found out I was pregnant in August 2012 and my due date was 30th March 2013. The last three months of pregnancy were pretty hard, as I developed SPD in pregnancy and had to use crutches to get about. So I was very glad when I got closer to my due date.

On 27th March I woke up and as I got out of bed, my waters poured down my legs. Mr Hubby was just about to leave for work and so we phoned the hospital and they told us to come in straight away. We set off to Basingstoke hospital around 7am. Once there, I was examined and told that my waters hadn’t broken (although fluid was still coming out). She said it could be excess vaginal fluid or maybe I wee’d myself! I knew then that it was my waters, but we were sent home and I tried to carry on with my day despite this continual leaking, lovely!

Luckily the following day I had an appointment (already booked) with the consultant back at the hospital, regarding my SPD. They wanted to make sure I didn’t want to be induced. I told her my suspicions and she examined me. She thought they had broken, but sent me for a dip test (where they test the fluid) and this confirmed that my waters had broken! Hallelujah! (this was 11.30am on 28th). I was booked in the following day for an induction. That night I have a curry in a last ditch attempt to start things naturally, it didn’t work!.

We had to be at hospital for 8am on 29th and after the initial examination the midwive said my back waters were still intact, so she had to break them (with a giant crochet hook!). At around 10am, I was put on a drip to induce labour. I had wanted to be upright and have as few drugs as possible, best laid plans!…

Within 45 minutes the contractions were every 50 seconds and lasted about 45 seconds, so they had to slow the drip down. I started standing, leaning against the back of a chair, but soon I was exhausted and knew I needed to lie down. The SPD I suffered meant that I hadn’t really been able to move about for 3 months and so my stamina had disappeared. The pain was pretty hardcore and the gas and air, although it made me laugh at the start, wasn’t really cutting it, so I decided that I would have an epidural, especially as I had to lie down anyway. The epidural stopped the pain in front, but all the pressure on my back/bum was still there. I could also still move my legs (and put them in the stirrups). I still had the G&A the whole way through labour.

I was so grateful for Mr Hubby, who was on hand with a cold, wet flannel for my head. I saw so many different midwives, over my whole stay (3 1/2 days) 14 different midwives were involved in my care!. They kept monitoring Baby who was apparently textbook in her readings.

The contractions carried on throughout the day and night and I was eventually told that at 11pm, I would be able to start pushing. 11pm came and went and then I was told 12am was now the magic hour. This time I was allowed and I was already exhausted, I pushed for 1 hour 38 minutes and although she has come down and they could see her head, every time the contraction went, her head went back in. I remember pushing so hard it felt like my head would explode and still they said push harder. They told me that she has slight swelling on her head from the waters being broken so long ago, so they couldn’t help me with the ventouse. They said they thought she was on an angle and was stuck. Then all of a sudden the atmosphere changed, they said her heart rate was dropping and that she was getting tired and distressed. They pressed the alarm and called for help. The room filled with people. My worst nightmare was coming true. I had been convinced all along that something was going to go wrong. Quickly they said they needed to help me get her out and that forceps was the best option. They performed an episiotomy and pulled her out with the forceps. To this day it reminds me of watching lambing on the telly!. Baby was born at 01.38am on 30th March (which was her due date). She was put on me, but then taken to the other side of the room to check/help her breathing.

I was bleeding quite badly at this point and in the end I lost 2 litres of blood, I still needed to boost my epidural and use the G&A as they stitched me up. It took an hour and during the process I kept having blankets thrown on me as I was shaking with cold, then I would be boiling, but shaking so violently. I was sick on the Doctors head, as the midwife couldn’t get me a bowl in time. Mr Hubby thought this was funny in hindsight, although at the time I think he was just very worried about me. Eventually, I was all stitched up, Baby was fine and we were put on the high dependency ward (due to my blood loss). By this point I hadn’t slept since the Tuesday night/wed morning when my waters had broken, I had been too worried. So I was exhausted and as we had to stay in until the Monday, we booked a private room from the Sunday morning until we left for home on Monday lunchtime, as I couldn’t bare the thought of going on the ward and not getting any sleep.
I had to be tested for my iron count numerous times before we were allowed to come home on Bank Holiday Monday.

just born - Aby's Birth Story. SPD in pregnancy http://www.mumsdays.com/spd-in-pregnancy-abys-birth-story/  #SPD #pregnancy #givingbirth

Thanks Aby!! Beautiful Baby, amazing story xxxx