For any avid Milkshake fans (Channel 5’s morning kids TV – can’t get enough of it here), you will be aware that a brand new show will be hitting our screens on Saturday. I am thrilled not least because it is the TV show of my newest, most favourite book, Wanda and the Alien, by Sue Hendra (you can watch a clip here)!

Word Up! Sue Hendra is in the spot light for her wonderful books including Wanda and the Alien. Click here for this week's Word Up:

We picked up Wanda and the Alien a few weeks ago at the Library. I used my usual library tactic of not thinking too hard about it (because otherwise I get stressed!) and picked books that were light and had a picture I liked. Thankfully this paid off because when we got home and read it properly both Reuben and I loved it. Reuben even insisted on taking it with him to ‘read to Grandad’ on Monday.

Then I discovered it was by one of my favourite children’s authors (there’s a whole lot of coincidence going on here, I know), Sue Hendra of “Norman the Slug and the silly shell” and “No-Bot, the Robot with no bottom” fame. Sue writes the most wonderful and silly books, I just love reading them. And from that moment on an idea began to form in my head… I would start a new series here on the blog about great authors, and call it “Word Up” (meaning “I get/dig what you’re saying and agree”). Each week or so, I will highlight a different author and talk about their books and how fantastic I think they are*.

*I also quite fancy myself as a children’s book author, so this is good research for me!

Wanda and the Alien – Sue Hendra

Wanda and the Alien is about a Rabbit (Wanda) who is playing when an Alien crash lands his space ship. They take an instant liking to each other and the story is about the love that blossoms between the pair despite the fact that they don’t speak the same language.

The first thing about Wanda and the Alien that struck me was it is perfect for this time of year – they have a wonderful summer together and then Autumn comes and the leaves fall from the trees (revealing a twist at the end – no spoilers here!).

Word Up! Sue Hendra is in the spot light for her wonderful books including Wanda and the Alien, which is great for Autumn or Fall. Click here for this week's Word Up:

The other thing that struck me about the story is its moral. I don’t want to go too overboard here but I believe this is about cultural differences and not judging a book by its cover! Wanda and the Alien don’t look the same, they don’t even speak the same language and yet, neither is afraid of the other. They play, they laugh, they teach each other things – and when you get to the end you’ll see why this is so significant.

The tagline is “Friends comes in all shapes and sizes”. It’s a lovely lesson for our little ones to learn!

Sue Hendra’s other books include…

Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell, which is a book I bought for Gabriella when she was 3. She learnt the whole thing off by heart and would “read” it to us almost every night, never getting a single word wrong!

No-Bot, the Robot with no bottom. Any book which involves bottoms is a winner. Reubs and I also loved this book when we borrowed it from the Library and we’ve borrowed it at least 3 or 4 times since!

Supertato, which we haven’t read yet but I’m tempted to get it for Christmas! Reuben is a fan of potatoes (not eating them obviously), so a superhero potato sounds just up his street.

So that, my friends, is Sue Hendra. Word Up Sista.

Have you read Wanda and the Alien or any other books by Sue Hendra? What does your little one think of them?

Or if you have any suggestions for another author to spotlight for Word Up, please do leave a comment below!