We finally put Reuben in his own room on Friday despite the fact that his nursery still isn’t finish! Why am I such a non-finisher?! New Year’s Resolution…? Finish some things that I’ve started.

We’re off to IKEA today to get him some curtains, which poor Mike will have to put up at some point. We’ve also been looking for some nursery wall art. I have to admit I’m not really a cutsie nursery type of person so his room doesn’t really resemble a nursery. It’s very neutral, in fact the only thing really giving it away is the fact there’s a cot in the room. So we’re going to jazz up the room a bit with some wall art.

Mike’s got his eye on something by Exploding Dog and their robot pictures. I like this one – What’s in store for us today? ($59 for a 15″x17″ print)

My mate, Len, from Watermelon Pips does some great stuff – we already have a dining room that is basically a showroom full of Len’s work from when he was going through a Skinhead phase. And, now he’s doing some really good stuff that I would love to have in Reuben’s room. I like this boy print.

And this is my all time favourite print by Len but, Alex, my best pal and his girlfriend, has told him he is not to sell it under any circumstances – I’ll have to see if he can reproduce it somehow as it was all drawn by hand!

 I’d have a look through Len’s blog and get in touch with him directly if you want anything!

There’s a whole host of lovely prints from avintageposter.com, a site I found via Lillie’s Blog – who basically has the room I would have created for Reuben if I weren’t so afraid to do horizontal stripes. The last time I did stripes on a bedroom wall I did the lines with a 15cm ruler and I’ve never lived it down.

What nursery wall art did you put in your baby’s room?