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Finishing the 20 hour Protest Ski Challenge

26 Jan, 2016

Just after Christmas (cripes – nearly a whole month ago!) Mike, the kids and I went on our first family skiing holiday to Chantemerle in Serre Chevalier!

Serre Chevalier - learning to ski in 20 hours in the French Alps with Protest

Despite never having skied before, I finally agreed to have a ski holiday under the condition that I could have some lessons in advance.

The universe stepped in and I won a project to work with Protest again (See my previous bikinis project with them here), showcasing their really wonderful Snow Wear.

But this time they challenged me to learn to ski in 20 hours!

Over about 4 weeks before setting off I had 7 one-hour lessons, and a brave one-hour solo ski. I’m so glad that I did this. It was truly invaluable and, as everyone kept telling me, I did indeed find it easier on snow, so it really put me in good stead for hitting the pistes!

Thanks so much to Everyone Active and my lovely instructor, Lesley, for teaching me at the Silksworth Sports Complex in Sunderland.

Without further ado, here’s how I got on with the challenge and my final 20th hour:



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Part 2 of the 20 hours: Ski Challenge with Protest

16 Dec, 2015

I have now finished 8 hours of my 20 hours: ski challenge, so I thought this would be a good time to fill you in on how it’s all going and what I’m finding more difficult.

20 hours: Ski Challenge with Protest - hours 1 to 8

I can:

  • ski from the top of the slope;
  • get down a hill without falling over;
  • get down a hill with control;
  • do turns and snow ploughs; and,
  • fall over…

Pretty sweet huh? And all whilst looking pretty darn good in my Protest clobber (you can see outfit 1 in How to Ski and outfit 2 in Winter Fashion!)

20 hours: Ski Challenge with Protest - hours 1 to 8

But, it’s all VERY slow. In short, I am still in the chicken phase and the big question now is breaking that barrier to a bit more speed!

20 hours: Ski Challenge – hours 1 to 7

I have had 7 hours of lessons with the lovely Lesley at the Everyone Active Silksworth Sports Complex in Sunderland before she had to leave me to go to Austria (how rude!).

20 hours: Ski Challenge with Protest - hours 1 to 8

I found the lessons have been such a confidence boost. Being out with Lesley has enabled me to feel comfortable, even when there are lots of people around. It is also much easier to progress with a teacher as she has given me exercises that, for example, make sure that I’m putting my weight on the right leg, or stop me thinking so much about turning so I relax. All of that has meant I could concentrate on improving whist feeling proud of myself and what I’ve achieved in the lesson.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced so far was after my first fall! We went to the top of the slope during hour 4 and what a view! However, I quickly lost control and pretty much threw myself on the floor. It didn’t hurt and in fact I felt elated afterwards, like I was a proper skier, and even rang Mike to jubilantly tell him.

Reuben also watched the clip of me falling for about 20 minutes, which was nice…and you can see it here (plus more shaky footage!).

BUT, that was on Thursday and my next lesson wasn’t until the following Monday. By then my elation had turned into fear! For nearly the whole lesson I felt really nervous but Lesley snapped me back out of it.

By lessons 6 and 7 I was back into the swing of things and I even fell over again but this time because I was going so slowly!!

20 hours: Ski Challenge – Hour 8

Hour 8 was my first solo ski… 10 days ago and I haven’t managed to go again since! Mike surprised me with a trip to the Xscape Centre in Leeds on our way back from a family visit to Lincolnshire but I chickened out. In my defence it was super busy and I was a day away from being wiped out by a virus for 3 days.

20 hours: Ski Challenge with Protest - hours 1 to 8

But my solo ski, although a bit nerve-wracking and not as much fun without Lesley, was really good.

It is such a nice way to spend an hour, I’d highly recommend it! The views are spectacular, it’s definitely good exercise (phew!) and it allows you to switch your head off and focus on what you’re doing while getting some fresh air and vitamin D. What’s not to love?

Speaking of which…

Would you like to give Skiing a go?

If you fancy having a go at skiing, Everyone Active have an exclusive offer for you as a Mums’ Days Reader!

1. Ski foundation 1 course

– 1 hour taster session for beginners aged 7 and above. Use code MUMSKI5 to get the course for £5 instead of £22.

2. Kinder Ski course

– 10 week beginners course for children between 4 and 6. 1 hour per week of 10 weeks. Use code MUMSKI45 to get the course for £45 instead of £68

All you need to do is

Let me know if you do decide to give it a go, I’d love to hear how you get on! They also do snow tubing which is suitable for all ages, so I’m thinking about it for Reuben’s birthday next year…!

20 hours: Ski Challenge

So, that’s it so far…I have 12 hours left of my 20 hours. I think the plan is to get 1 or 2 more hours practise at the Silksworth Sports Complex before we jet off to France where I will have another set of lessons. So my final update will be at the start of January after my 20th hour!!!


Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest and Competition

25 Nov, 2015

Last week I explained that my latest project as a Protest Ambassador is a Skiing Challenge… To learn how to Ski in 20 hours!

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

I had my first lesson last Thursday with Everyone Active at the Silksworth Sports Complex in Sunderland and I’ve had 2 more lessons since.

I’m learning with the lovely Lesley, a top Ski instructor and winner of more medals than you can shake a stick at. In this post, I’ll be sharing what Protest clothing I’m wearing with your chance to win the same outfit, Lesley shares her top tips for How to Ski for those of you starting out…or even just thinking about starting out. But first, here’s how I’ve been getting on…

How to Ski – hours 1-3

So far I’m loving it! It’s not as mortifying as I thought it would be, I haven’t fallen over, touch wood, and I don’t feel frustrated by my progress. Here’s a short video of the first 3 lessons.

In the video I’m wearing some gorgeous goodies from Protest, which you can win! (Your own new ones – not what I’ve been wearing…) Just scroll to the bottom and fill out the rafflecopter.

How to Ski – Lesley’s top tips

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

1. Bring gloves. It’s part of the slope rules to wear them all the time when you’re on the hill. Falling over hurts without them!

2. Arrive in plenty of time before the lesson. You’ll have lots to get sorted so don’t get stressed out by being in a rush.

3. Dress for the weather. You’ll be outside so even though you need to be covered up, turn up wearing a full ski suit in June and you’ll cook. Likewise, if it looks like rain, bring coat.

4. Ditch the (skinny) jeans. They won’t be comfortable tucked in your boots. Skiing’s a sport, dress for it.

5. Don’t be too scared. The instructors know what they’re talking about and won’t push you to do anything you absolutely can’t.

6. Listen to the instructor. Even if you think you can’t do something, it’s their job to show you how. If you already can do it, it’s their job to make you better.

7. ENJOY IT! Skiing is great fun, you’ll have a blast!

What I’m wearing

When my Protest box arrived, I thought Christmas had come early. I loved everything they sent me.

What’s more, I have never really owned anything that is warm. I know that sounds silly, but all these years I’ve hated being outdoors because I’m nearly always too cold. It turns out I really was just wearing the wrong stuff. I have been so incredibly toasty during my Ski lessons, even in lesson 2 when it chucked it down for the whole hour!

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

Here’s what I was wearing (and what you can win!)

Fabrizo Zip Top – this is a long-sleeved fleece top to wear under your waterproof jacket. Snug as a bug!

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

Hopneon Snowpants – I want to live in these snow pants. They come up nice and high to pull in the ol’ mummy tummy, are super comfy and they are warm and waterproof. Oh and I they look pretty snazzy – there’s no missing me on the slopes and I’ve had so many compliments!

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

Alyssa Snowjacket – this is a fashion jacket! I’ve been wearing it to the pub, for the school pick up, to the shops…and yet it’s actually the warmest jacket I’ve ever put on and it’s fully waterproof so perfect for skiing. It’s true love.

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

How to Ski - Part 1 of the 20 hour Ski Challenge with Protest

For your chance to win this outfit, just fill out the rafflecopter below! UK residents only and Ts and Cs apply, so please read them via Rafflecopter. Good luck!

**Competition now closes**

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’m linking up with #BrilliantBlogs and the love Vicki over at Honest Mum


Festive Fitness with Protest

18 Nov, 2015

Yey, I’m working with Protest again! After the success of our summer campaign, which reached over 150,000 people, Protest have invited me to be their Winter Ambassador. The Protest Autumn and Winter collection is amazing, so I’m going to be looking great skiing down the mountains this year.

Instead of getting Beach Ready we’re getting Piste Ready!

Skiing in 20 hours? My Protest Ambassador Challenge

There’s one slight problem though.

I can’t Ski.

Yep! So, with the help of Everyone Active and the Silksworth Sports Complex and Ski Slope in Sunderland, Protest have challenged me to learn to Ski…in 20 hours. (more…)


Mastering good habits, breaking the bad ones and beating the yoyo in 5 steps

10 Nov, 2015

I’m going to own up to something that I’m not proud of. I’m a yoyo dieter.

But I’m ready to put a stop to it, so I’ll be exploring 5 ways to tackle yoyo dieting using habits!

Beat YOYO DIETING in 5 steps

My Yoyo diet

Sometimes I am the epitome of self-discipline. My resolve is an unstoppable force. Even the mighty glass of red can’t stop this jet to Healthy Hannah.

But one little bit of turbulence – a celebration, a take-away, an exception to the norm – and my jet becomes a badly made paper aeroplane; flimsy and fragile with a broken wing headed south to “what the hell”. And there I gorge until Monday comes around. Always Monday. (more…)


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