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08 Feb, 2019

It’s Friday! We made it. Phew, what a week of ups and downs. On a personal level it’s been a tough old week.

It was also jab day today and while the jab itself wasn’t so bad, Nancy’s got progressively grumpier 🙁 She’s currently sleeping on my lap after crying for about an hour. While she’s settled I’ve been looking back through the weeks’ photos. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to share some of the good bits. Our ‘weekly wins’!

My parents came to stay

Mike was away doing a winter survival mountaineering course in the lakes (as you do and perfect winter weather for it), so my parents came to stay. I’ve been seeing lots of my mum as she’s recently gone part time and comes to see us with her new found freedom (LOVE IT). But we hadn’t seen my dad since Boxing Day.

It was lovely catching up with him, building snowmen (there’s still a tiny snow lump in the garden now!) and going for Sunday lunch at our local.

weekly wins

I started blogging again

Well, you are reading this on my blog after all so not news but it is a win! I’ve missed blogging so it’s been fun to share some of the lighter side of life here on the blog. You can see each of the posts I’ve written here: Dear Diary, Reading, BOOTD and Breastfeeding.

We went to Spanish City

Mike was off so the intention was to go for a walk with the dog on the beach front. We weren’t really prepared though and didn’t have the right gear for the hoolie that was blowing…so we went to Spanish City instead. Ooh it’s lovely. We ate delicious brunchy stuff (bacon and avocado on toast) and took home cakes which we ate in the car. Heaven.

weekly wins

I did two exercise classes

It’s been about 12 months since I did any sort of proper exercise class so, as my mate Tanya put it, I did the 2 hardest ones at my local gym – body blitz and HIIT. I totally loved it though and have booked to go back next week. The nice thing about being able to say “I’ve just had a baby” is the instructor takes it a little easier on you as you have safe words like “ab-split” that you can say when you’re tired!

I’m easing in, OK?!

Nancy’s coming along lovely!

She’s just a delicious treat! And one who’s starting to move about a bit and get stronger. She’s loving a bit of tummy time (as long as she’s in the exact right mood of course) and she’s started to crane her neck to see what’s going on around her. Mainly to listen to her fog-horn brother!! Who she loves and the feeling is mutual. Aww 🙂

weekly wins

What have your weekly wins been?

I’d love to hear. Comment below or over on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page or Instagram.

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(because I'm tired)

08 Jan, 2019

I’m Grumpy!


Or is it overwhelmed? 

  1. The house is an ongoing challenge (this morning we had to empty the room we dump things in and feed the animals – that stuff’s got to go somewhere! – and then decide on where to put the washer and dryer. And do we want a sink? And what work surfaces? I know YOU would have already decided this stuff but it completely caught me by surprise that this was happening today!)
  2. I’ve got a load to do for Box Happy – I’m really pleased with what we have so far for the Feb Box (which is all about self-care and being your own Valentine – what I need a bit of too) but there’s still so much to do and just NO TIME!! Because…
  3. I have a newborn – it’s the broken sleep that does it!

Sleepy = grumpy

A few weeks ago Nancy was sleeping for a 6-7 hour stretch in the night, which meant I was getting that good quality sleep you need to feel human (I know lucky bugger). Now she’s going for a maximum of 2-3 hours and I can really feel the difference. I’m hoping it’s because she’s been poorly and not a sign of things to come. I’m the kind of person who needs a lot of sleep or the wheels fall off the whole operation. As is becoming obvious this week. So the thought of this being an ongoing thing is resulting in tears.

Routine Limbo

I’m in this constant limbo of trying to follow a routine because there is this hope that with a routine they’ll sleep through sooner… (I loosely followed Tizzy Hall’s Save Our Sleep with Reuben because I liked knowing what I was meant to be doing – so Ive been using that again) only for Nancy to completely do her own thing. I try to wake her at 7 for a feed but she’ll snack then sleep until 8/8:30, which is when I’m meant to put her down for her morning nap…

But I’m also very aware that I don’t want to wish this time away. She will sleep through one day and she’s so gorgeous right now, I don’t want to waste a minute not enjoying her.

Looking after myself

I’m feeling pretty down on myself for not being back in my old jeans. Actually I am back in one pair but they’re bloody tight! I feel stupid for even saying it because I’m so proud of what my body’s done and been through. It’s the weight I’ve put on since having Nancy that’s the issue. Tiredness and busyness is resulting in poor eating choices. Plus I got on the scales…and a week after eating healthy vegetables (aka ones that haven’t been covered in butter or gravy) and not eating every hour, I didn’t lose a single pound. This worries me as I’ve 2 and half stone to lose. So, I feel like I’ve got quite a mountain to climb.

This quote we shared on the Box Happy social pages yesterday is perfect for me to remember right now. Again, I will get there and I don’t want to waste this precious time feeling bad about myself!


I need to be sure I make some better choices and that no doubt comes down to not having to make choices at all. Meal planning and prepping when I’m not tired for example. Of course you’re going to grab a pizza if you’re hungry and knackered! We’re all human. But if you have something healthy and ready to go in the fridge, then you’re making life a lot easier for you and your extra love handles.

So that’s where I am right now! I’d love to hear any advice you have re routines and sleep deprivation and also meal prepping and self-care/love in these early days. Because they are still early days. I need to remember that! Come and join the conversation on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page or over on Instagram where I’ve been sharing a lot more stories since the NY 🙂

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Getting up crazy early!

06 Jun, 2018

26 days ago I started something that seemed utterly crazy but might just work. I started doing The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. My friend, Clare, had recommended the book to me ages ago, so I bought it on Audible and then promptly forgot about it.

In between books, I finally remembered to listen to it last month as I was driving. I quickly decided it was awesome and totally up my street, so I started the very next day.

Miracle Morning

As I said to my friend Cath, who I bought this book for for her Birthday last month, this is a real cheese on toast book. But if you’re willing to listen to the message and give it a try, I think it could be a winner for so many different people. (more…)

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Taking action and putting a foot in chaos

25 Apr, 2018

Ah, confidence. You tricksy little bugger.

It’s been on my mind this week, starting with a conversation between my brother and my step-daughter. She told him how she was really enjoying taking LAMDA exams because it helped with her confidence. My brother was impressed to hear an 11 year old say such an important thing. Funny how you sometimes need to see things through other people’s’ eyes to fully appreciate how awesome they are.


We talked about how important it is to instill confidence in our children, particularly in young women and he pointed me to a book, The Confidence Code for Girls (due for release on 3rd May. Pre Ordered y’all!).

I was like, nevermind just Gabby I need this book! (more…)


How I've been learning to face them and move on...

20 Mar, 2018

On Sunday I sat down to write. I wanted to document a funny week and it’s turned into a 2-parter. This one is all about facing your fears and how I do it/hope to do it.

Mike is away in Tanzania. He’s been facing his own fear of heights as he climbed Kilimanjaro (read his story here) for Team Kenya (who are changing lives through empowering and educating women). Thankfully he’s done it and is safely back down. He gets home on tomorrow morning. Yey!

It’s also my Birthday today! It doesn’t feel much like it…It was just Reuben and me, and after the initial flurry of present opening (I didn’t open a single one!) it was back to business as usual!

facing your fear

Reuben decided today was the day to address the issue of not being allowed to play on the switch on the way to school, and he discussed it for quite some time coming to the conclusion I’m a horrible person. So fun.

(If you’d like to do me a Birthday Favour please fill in this! < More info at the bottom.) (more…)

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