Taking baby swimming – Reuben is now into his 2nd term of swimming with the award winning swim school for babies and toddlers, Nemo Swimming. He’s getting on really well and loves his lessons.

At the end of last term Nemo helped me make a video to demonstrate the kinds of things Reuben has been learning over the last term so I could share it with you (when I say ‘helped’ I mean they did it all – we just turned up for a lesson as usual!). Particularly if you are new to swimming with your baby, we thought it might be nice to see, rather than read, how to do some of the techniques that Nemo swimming have instructed us on previously in 5 reasons to take your baby swimming and a guide to underwater swimming.

when can I take my baby swimming? 5 reasons it's a must!

Taking Baby Swimming – A lesson from Nemo Swimming

The following video is a lesson by Marc, one of the lovely swim instructors at Nemo Swimming (he’s our regular teacher), and demonstrates the following:

  1. How to warm up – doing big bounces and splashes because baby LOVES it! (hard for mum – why is swimming always the day after Body Pump?!). Note: the front swimming position for cruising around the pool – good for continuing to warm up before you start submersions.
  2. Holding on – there’s is lots of repetition to remind baby what they needs to do
  3. Humpty Dumpty – This is to practise falling in then turning around to hold on. There are 2 versions, one without a submersion, one with. We never manage to finish the song!
  4. Floating – babies are super buoyant when they are on their back so we want them to learn to turn over and be relaxed floating (should the worst happen and they fall in, they will be safest in this position). Note: Reuben is much more relaxed doing this with Marc then he is with me, so maybe get someone else to help you practise this?
  5. Submersion – there are a few submersions demonstrated at the end, for a full breakdown of what to do, read Nemo’s guide to underwater swimming.

I hope that is useful! – if you are new to swimming with your baby, what do you think? If you’re an old timer, what do you think?! I’d love to hear what you and baby get up to in the pool too!