My husband knows what he wants from life in a way I doubt I ever will. And now he has upped and left me. OK, it’s not that dramatic, it’s only for 2 weeks but still, there will be none of this… which is my absolute favourite thing to look at!

team kenya

I chose well! Bit of breakfast and a cuddle with Dad

Mike is on a trip that has required him to discuss his life insurance with me before he left, so there is a certain element of danger. He’s climbing Mouth Kenya for his company’s charity, Team Kenya. When I first heard about it, I was none too pleased. Climbing a mountain. In Kenya. People die on mountains and a few months ago there was a bombing in a Kenyan Shopping Centre. But the more I’ve heard about the Charity he and his 4 mates are helping, the more I realise what an incredible adventure they will have. You (I) can’t spend your life worrying about what might happen and I’m so proud of him.

Here’s a note from him about what they are up to for Team Kenya…

I’m off to Kenya to climb a mountain and put my I.T. skills to good use. There’s four of us from Orange Bus +1.

The cause is that of Team Kenya, and it’s a really good cause. Your donations will go directly to help the charity as it attempts to change lives through better education and empowerment of young people, with a specific emphasis on girls.

I heard a story the other day where a school (neighbouring to Kenya) that did not come under the wing of the charity had a reported 8 pregnancies in a year. That school was a primary school.

Your money really can make a difference, instead of being pregnant before they reach their teens they’ll have a choice. A choice that can, and does, include University through the Team Kenya sponsorship programme. The more we give, the more schools can benefit from the work of the charity.

For more info click here and to donate click here

I’ve heard from him this morning to say they have arrived and he saw a Giraffe as soon as they left the airport! They set off at 10am tomorrow to start climbing the mountain. They will reach Old Moses camp tomorrow, then walk to Shipton’s camp on Wednesday and reach the summit for sunrise on Thursday. It will be incredible and tough. Good luck lads!

For the rest of the trip they will be visiting some of the Team Kenya villages and doing IT things.

Doesn’t that sound incredible? Now that he’s gone, I’ve been almost overwhelmed by quietness and time and panicking about what best to do to fill said time in a really useful way! I’ve even had thoughts of ironing…I soon pushed it out of my head, now that is a waste of time.

I think I need a project to fill my 2 weeks with and I have a feeling it will be blog related, so expect more posts. And, maybe even some cake!

What would you do if you had 2 weeks without your fella?