On Sunday Rhea hauled her lovely family of 6 off to London to the exciting World Premiere of the Teletubbies! Here’s how their day went and what they thought of the new and improved Teletubbies…

Teletubbies World Premiere - Mums' Days Review of new CBeebies show

Teletubbies World Premiere

When my husband Kev and I were offered tickets for us and our 4 children to go and review the world premier of the new release Teletubbies we were really excited. I remember 20 years or so ago watching with my nephew and then buying him a giant Po teddy bear for Christmas.

I just knew that my eldest two little girls would love it so we watched a few episodes on YouTube in preparation. I’m glad we did, it really hyped up the excitement levels.

Teletubbies World Premiere - Mums' Days Reviewers of new CBeebies show

Upon arrival at The Riverfront Bar and Restaurant on London’s Southbank we were greeted by a film premier style press cage and lots of Teletubbies props. My eldest, Izzie, was already over the top excited and very impatient, so when the Teletubbies arrived on the “Green” carpet and posed for their audience Izzie could barely control herself. They waved at her and said “Eee-ohh” which made her day. All she could do was keep asking me when she could snuggle them.

We then left our pushchairs in a secure buggy area, slung the twins in the slings and went to party! We were greeted with balloon artists, a magician, Teletubbies headbands, Tubby custard, colouring and lots of celebrities. We saw Fern Cotton, Esther Rantzen, Jennifer Saunders and most excitingly we met the new face of the baby in the sun. She was so beautiful but a little overwhelmed by the crowds. She was very excited to tell me about her pretty new gold shoes though!

Teletubbies World Premiere - Mums' Days Review of new CBeebies show

Celeb spotting: Fern Cotton and Baby in the Sun

We were ushered into the cinema and got seated in the front row. Izzie and Georgie were totally hyper at this stage and so I was very grateful for our first glimpse of the two new episodes of the Teletubbies to begin.  The difference is immediately obvious. Clear, bright,vibrant and engaging, and a whole new air of modernity. All of that said it is also still the genius format that kids loved all those years ago and still will. Georgie, my 2 year old, is hard to pin down and engage sometimes and she was enthralled. She loved their singing and dancing and hooted with laughter at the children in the clips. When the Teletubbies said “again, again” she was a very happy girl. I think she loved their general silliness.

Overall, all I can say is wow. I know my 3 and 2 year old love it already, but my twin 1 year olds were captured by the lights and sound (excuse the wailing of one twin – mummy forgot to take her milk in!) and will love it just as much.

We can’t wait for the release of related goodies in the shops. In particular, the tubby phone would make a great toy and the new tubby train is brilliant.

The episodes were introduced to us by Cat from CBeebies, which was an extra nice touch as Izzie in particular recognised her and it really added to the excitement. She also brought the Teletubbies out to see all the kids again, which as we were on the front row was a very up close and personal experience. The girls got high fives which made their day.

Teletubbies World Premiere - Mums' Days Reviewers of new CBeebies show

Cat from CBeebies

Izzie finally got her chance to have a snuggle with Tinky Winky and promptly became the worlds shyest child. I can assure you she is not!

The new episodes are due to start on CBeebies on the 9th November and we cannot wait. Well done CBeebies, we envisage another great success for you.

Thank you so much for your review, Rhea…

And to Kev for being up for traipsing 4 littlies all the way to London from Lincoln! It’s wonderful to hear all about the new show. The Teletubbies have a special place in my heart too as my little brother (who is now 15) used to watch it. He loved Po too. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since it first hit our screens!

Do you remember the Teletubbies from first time around?

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