Since I wrote the What to Wear post a week ago, I’ve been emptying my wardrobe and drawers. That was the easy bit. Now I’ve given myself permission to, getting rid of all the things I don’t like was a piece of cake. Perhaps a little too easy as I now have virtually nothing to wear that fits my mummy lifestyle (which accounts for about 70% of my time). Now I need to know what my style is, to be able to resolutely say “That’s my style!” when I look at something, so I buy clothes that I do like! Sounds obvious but I thought I was doing that when I was buying all those other clothes I hated.

The main area in my life that requires attention in the wardrobe department is the day to day basics for work and play whilst being out and about. These are interchangeable clothes that are casual, comfortable but still look nice, make me feel good and they can be dressed up with heels for when I’m working.

But before I could think about hitting the shops, I needed to think about what I like. To say that’s my style from a day-to-day point of view. So, I’ve looked to pinterest for inspiration and started a board called “that’s my style” because in all honesty I’m not sure what it is. I started with people I thought might have a similar (if significantly smaller!) figure to me and ended up just pinning things I like the look of. These are the kinds of looks I particularly like…

Ha! Apparently I pinned 27 weeks ago…not quite what I’m in need of now!

That’s my style – Daytime casual

Sweater, Skinny jeans and ankle boots

Sweater, scarf, leather jacket, skinny jeans, ankle boots

That’s my style – Dressing up the Daytime casual

 Vest, leather jacket, skinny cropped jeans, dressed up with heels

That's my style - daytime casual work

Vest, jacket, skinny jeans and heels

That’s my style so far…The common clothes throughout are pretty obvious – skinny jeans and vests or sweater. So this is the basis of my style and wardrobe and what I need more of!

What I’m going to have to take some time over is getting a jacket I like, leather or not. A nice, cropped jacket can look lovely whatever the time of year but the good ones are EXPENSIVE! I tried a lush one on today at Ted Baker…£350. I’d also like some ankle boots.

Dear Santa…

What’s on your fashion wish/Christmas list?!