Real Life

This week has been a mixture of fun and hard work!

It was back to normal on Monday in terms of child care and Reuben didn’t bat an eyelid at being left for the first time in almost a month, much to my surprise! I was very relieved as I thought it was going to be a tough week in that respect. On Tuesday Reubs was a proper star – he ate scrambled egg AND pasta (1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch – not combined. Yak!), both of which he’s refused for months. And, to celebrate he fell asleep on the sofa mid play. Unheard of. He has never done this.

The List 1 - 5 things I've learnt about baking cakes:

But probably the most eventful thing of the week was making a cake for Gabby’s 8th Birthday today. I never bake but I finally mustered up the courage to bake a cake. Here are 5 things I learnt about baking cakes today…

  1. It’s not as hard as you think – it’s hard to make it nice and a bit of a faff, but generally to make something that looks the part, it’s a piece of…er…cake!
  2. You don’t have to use the specified shaped tin in the recipe (so if it says a loaf tin, you could use a round one if that’s all you’ve got)
  3. If the recipe you’re using is for a bigger cake tin than you’ve got, fill up your tin and just use the remaining mixture for cupcakes
  4. Don’t drop your freshly baked cake on the floor – it won’t survive
  5. Don’t keep the smashed up cake around the kitchen while you make the second as you’ll end up eating half of it

(Points 2 and 3 come courtesy of Ashlie Sugar Rushed and the Mums’ Days FB Page collectively)

The List 1 - 5 things I've learnt about baking cakes:

Blog life

My blogging isn’t yet back up to speed, I’ve struggled with inspiration and so haven’t published as often as I would. Honestly, having a holiday has done nothing for my brain power!! Thankfully, I’ve had some amazing guest posts, most notably this post about Unplanned Pregnancy (thank you, you know who you are xxx), which was such an honour to publish.

I also received a beautiful teal pashmina (it’s soft… 90% cashmere, 10% silk baby!) in the post from Jules B along with an invite to their A\W launch event, which was the loveliest surprise! I’m soooo excited to be going to the launch with my young, stylish #fblogger friends. I’m going to pretend to be sophisticated for a night, ha! WTF does one wear to such an event though?!

The List 1 - 5 things I've learnt about baking cakes:


I’ve been lusting over a few blogs this week… namely this blog is awesome and so prolific. I particularly loved this article about Joan Rivers who sadly died last night.

I also really liked this post about the Kind Campaign some gorgeous ladies who are trying to stop women (aimed at schools but it could do with reaching into adulthood!) being shit to each other.

Hope you’ve had a great week! What have you been up to? And do you have any other lessons for me with regards to baking cakes?!

Do leave your comments below, I love to read them xxx

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