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Well it’s been a quiet news week here – the sum total of the photos on my phone were this one of our new cat bed – the kittens arrive tomorrow so the stuff has been arriving this week.

The List 35 - the One thing

And Reuben stuck in said cat bed. He literally stood it up, dived in, then screamed for me to get him out. I should have seen it coming really.

The List 35 - the One thing

It has been a lovely week though. We spent the long, internet and reception-free weekend down in Derbyshire with my school friend and her family and like any blogger on holiday (I realise this is JUST me!), I didn’t take a single photo!!

Blog life

I love going conferences! Last week was really inspiring and I came home with so many great ideas.

The result is I’ve had a mini breakdown/crisis of confidence this week – which one do you do first when you want to do so much and each thing will take a long time to come to fruition?! As a result, I don’t feel like I have a lot to show for my labour this week…having said that I did experiment with a new style of writing my castles trip, as per Kirstie’s session from blog camp. Have a look and see if you can tell what’s changed!! Belsay Hall and Castle.

The List 35 - the One thing


I’ve found a new podcaster this week in Jess Lively and have listened to a few of her podcasts this week. Blog crush!!

The two that have particularly stood out were:

How to Quit Without Feeling Like a Quitter – not that I have anything I want to quit, but it was a really interesting take on the whole subject; and,

The Surprisingly Simple Truth about Extraordinary Results with Jay Papasan – this dude wrote the bestselling book The One Thing and I listened to the podcast by accident (it just came on next as I was driving). It couldn’t have come at a better time while I’m fumbling to try and do everything at once. He reiterated the importance of focussing on THE ONE THING, obviously! This is the one thing that’s going to make a biggest difference. I’m not sure what that thing is yet, but I’m working on it. I think I’ll read his book!

Your Turn!

Last week was another epic link up – we are flying with #TheList now, so many lovely new linkers and some bloody brilliant blog posts. There seemed to be a glut of parenting posts about, well, being a better a parent and I really appreciated reading all those. This week I have chosen the following bloggers to feature:

Featured bloggers

Teacup Toria5 Big Life Lessons – Toria could make this post into a glossy coffee table book it’s that good!

Truly madly kids – Rainbow cake. This is going to blow your minds!

Motherhood the Real DealThe new mummy manifesto – this brought back so many memories of those tough newborn days, so I’m all signed up to the New Mummy Manifesto!

On to this week and I am linking How to buy a house (and sell your old one!) and from 2012 while I was pregnant (!!) Folic Acid in your pregnancy diet, and Aby is linking Would you rather? (vlog) and A Massive Thank You – BiB Shortlist. What will you link up?!

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