Welcome back to another week of #TheList, which is a fun linky that I am hosting with my lovely friend, Aby, from You Baby Me Mummy (do hop over to see Aby’s list and say hello there too).

Aby and I have decided to feature 3 of our favourite posts from the previous week’s Linky as a little thank you and shout out for being awesome. My favourites from last week were…

Headspace Perspective’s Advice for Neonatal Mummies (Leigh is doing wonderful things with her blog)

Let Why Lead’s 42 Ways to Make Your Kids Feel Absolutely Loved (brilliant list, which made me get a little something in my eye! I think it’s extra important to remember these when you have a step-child)

Happy Healthy Mumma’s Apple Cider Vinegar (You are not going to believe how good for you it is – and for so many reasons!)

On to my list!

Real life

We think we’ve found a house!!! But now begins the bit I hate…finding something you love but not necessarily getting to have it. The owners are in a kind of limbo due to a bank in Portugal going bust. So, we might have to wait. Patience is not a virtue I own.

Blog Life

My main focus this week has been on the future, what I want my blog to be or become. I’m slightly concerned about this news after my buddy Zaz told me she couldn’t click onto my site due to an Adult Content Warning…has anyone else noticed a dip in their traffic? I publish a lot of birth stories (which is mentioned in the post above as something that is getting blocked) and have recently covered the controversial subject of abortion. If this is the reason grown adults can’t read this import information, I’m going to be annoyed!


I’ve heard of Sofawned before but for some reason I haven’t spent much time there – so I had a good gander yesterday (love it!) and then had an amusing conversation about season mugs that “aren’t just for Christmas” with Desiree on twitter (little bit star struck!). Her post about Halloween Mugs is brilliant, I think I’ll do a UK based one over the weekend!

From patience to being annoyed to mugs. That’s my list!

Your Turn! Linky and Rules

The List is your opportunity to show off any list or bullet style posts you’ve written, either in the week or from your archive, so the community can show it some love. This could be anything from 100 ways to cook an egg to the 30 best family days out to 5 steps to perfect eyebrows, the list goes on (pardon the pun!). It’s totally up to you, the post just needs to be in a list or bullet point format.

Oh and here are the rules for joining in!

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