3 weeks after having Reuben I tentatively stepped onto the scales to see if I was losing weight after pregnancy. Actually, this wasn’t a tentative move at all, it was a joyful one as I knew whatever happened the scales had to, for the first time in my life, say I weighted less. And boy did it. I had lost 10kg. “3 more weeks of this,” I thought, “and I’ll be laughing!”

That was 9 weeks ago and let me tell you, I’m not laughing. Since that day those cruel scales have barely budged, except to go up a bit and then go back down a bit.

I thought breast feeding would help it fall off, and sure those first weeks it fell off. But the fact I was barely eating, running on adrenalin and not sleeping probably had as big an impact as the breastfeeding. Since then all breastfeeding really seems to have done is make me hungrier and that, combined with the sleep deprivation, means I’m now comfort eating to feed the hunger. What a vicious cycle!

I also think that the body doesn’t want you losing too much weight as this may effect your milk supply so to counteract this it gives you the sweetest tooth known to man. At least that’s my excuse for not being able to say no to cake. And don’t even mention coffee. Get this, to make up for the lack of caffeine I’m now drinking decaf mocca’s for the chocolate hit.

A week in Vienna didn’t help either – mmmmmmm, their food is delicious! Add comfort eating to the mix because I was rewarding myself for working so hard, and you’ve got a new mum threatening to pile on the pounds.

Delicious pork with crackling – I couldn’t get enough!

All in all, in order to lose some of this weight, I’m going to need more than breastfeeding. I’m going to need will power too. Dun dun durrrrr.

I mentioned previously that I want a body like Jodie marsh. Since then I read Alice’s post on being whatever weight you want and feel slightly guilty for fueling the media rage on curves. So, I want to outline exactly what I mean by ‘losing weight after pregnancy’ and ‘I want a body like Jodie Marsh’ (from blog post Newborn Baby – the survival weeks ).

Firstly, I do not have time to become a stick insect with no curves. Secondly, I do not want to be a stick insect with no curves. What I like about Jodie is obviously that she’s slim but also her muscle definition. I’d love arms and abs like that. However, I don’t like her boy hips. Thankfully due to my good genes I will never have hips like that, even at my thinnest (less than 9 stone) I still had childbearing hips, as they so affectionately call them.

Plus, lets be fair, Jodie works out for 3 hours or more a day (a day!) to get those boy hips. This is never going to happen for me. I’m not Madonna and never will be. So, what I’ve been trying to do (and not managing to act out) is take aspects of what Jodie does and turn it into something that I can achieve, minus the ridiculous (and damaging) parts of her diet.

Of course to find out exactly what Jodie does you’d have to pay a subscription fee to her blog, so instead I’ve trawled the Internet for free snippets about body building for women and diet plans and here is my synopsis of what I’ve found:

1. Eat a high protein diet (good quality protein can be found in egg whites*, poultry, lean red meat. Pulses and vegetables with protein are not considered to be as good)

2. Cut the carbs (not all the carbs mind only the usual suspects – white bread, pasta, rice, cake, sugary things)

3. Do 4 weight training sessions a week. Don’t be afraid of bulking up – women can’t physically bulk up like a man, we don’t have the testosterone (unless you’re taking supplements of course!). You should do 3 lots of 8 -12 reps of each exercise (if you can any more than 12 reps then your weights are too light! Man up and get some bigger ones)

4. Also do some cardio on the days you’re not weight training. This is where time comes a bit tight but this is what will help burn off the excess fat. Try doing 15 secs of high intensity followed by 45 secs of medium intensity. Repeat 10 times and then do 15 mins of medium intensity cardio.

5. If you’re running tight on time always chose weights over cardio.

That’s it for now…I’ll update as I find out more! Any budding builders out there? Please leave you’re advice and comments for me…also, any tips on losing weight after pregnancy would be greatly appreciated! Comments, motivation, advice please 🙂 xx