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Funny old week! I’m still using Evernote, but the to do list is growing! I’m playing around to try and find a more efficient way to keep track of what I need to do… but it’s definitely a work in progress but I’ve just finished reading a fabulous book called The Checklist Manifesto (don’t laugh!), and I may be ever so slightly closer to honing this to do list to the essentials.

The to do list grows! The List week 19:

Friday Reuben and I paid a visit to the 1st of our 45 castles, Mitford Castle. It was eerily quiet but freaking amazing and I loved it. This Northumberland Castles challenge is going to be ace, I can tell!

The to do list grows! The List week 19:

Saturday was a family day. We did some visiting and then took it easy…although what with Dry January (I’m linking up my post about Dry January from LAST year), Mike and I were both in a bit of a bad mood! We ate meat and cheese and watched film as a distraction.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented last week and for your concern with the old sleep deprivation. It really is part of the job, huh? With so many people telling they feel my pain, I have taken a different approach, which is acceptance, and I feel much better for it. It also probably helps that from Sunday evening Reuben has slept through until 5ish – not being woken up in the middle of a deep slumber has been amazing!

I figured not getting up until 5ish warranted a sticker so by Tuesday he had completed his first sticker chart. It was soooo cute!

The to do list grows! The List week 19:

A complete Sticker Chart!

The to do list grows! The List week 19:

The Prize – he’s slept with it ever since!

Blog Life

Wednesday and Thursday are my work days and I’m finding it really difficult to get the right balance at the moment. I never feel like I’ve done my best by the end of the day. While I’m working on reading, researching, ideas generation and not working at night (!), what is suffering is a lack of actual blog posts! I’ve gone from blogging daily to blogging 3 times this week. I’ve also had to stop doing All About You with Zaz, which I’m gutted about, but I just don’t have the time at the minute to pay it the right amount of attention.

I guess new schedules and different priorities bring with it an element of adjustment, so fingers crossed I’ll soon get in to the swing of things!

What I did do on Thursday though was my first Vlog for 2015. I get all nervous before doing a Vlog, and get put off by the idea of having to make myself look presentable (!) but once I’ve finished I get a buzz of fullfilflment so I’d love to do more of it. I don’t seem to have the ideas though. I think I could do with a theme or something to encourage an element of discipline into the process!

The to do list grows! The List week 19:

My ever so professional Vlog set up…


My inspiration this week has to be the Checklist Manifesto, which with my new found speed reading skills, I read in record time! It’s got my mind a bit boggled but I’ve been working on an article that will hopefully be a lot more articulate than it is now and in fact change all mothers lives for ever… not a big deal then!

Over to You

How has week 2 post NY been for you? Last week was a-wash with many a goal or resolution or will do better post, and again, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them and hearing all about your new ideas.

Featured bloggers

One great, sweet (literally), and generally lovely new idea is Tea and Cake, from Potty Mouthed Mummy, which is basically an awesome list of the best posts you should read. Head there with tea and cake.

What Katy Said’s post about Toddler Hypoglycemia was a real eye-opener. Particularly the section about night waking – since reading this I’m now giving Rueben a huge bowl of porridge right before bed, and well, it could be coincidence but he is sleeping through until 5 this week (5:45 on Tuesday!!)…!

Sophie’s post on her Christmas Present experiment is awesome! I’d love to do something like this but I’d probably leave it to the last minute and it would be stressful rather than fun. But such a lovely set of gift ideas!

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