Sarah from Taming Twins is one tasty blogger. I think her recipes might be my absolute favourites, her photos are AMAZING! The thing that gets me though, is that she’s churning out fantastic blogs left right and centre, all while looking after twins! Now, there’s a birth story I wanted (plus the secret to her insane productivity – that will come later, I hope!). Sarah has kindly written up her twin pregnancy and childbirth story. Go get a cuppa, this story covers almost everything that could happen in childbirth!

Twin Pregnancy and childbirth

From Sarah at Taming Twins

It’s a funny old thing, this giving birth stuff isn’t it? You spend ages imaging how you might be in labour, planning how you’d like it to go, but you never really know do you?

We’d waited a long time to be pregnant. After being told it would never happen, 3 rounds of ICSI (IVF) and we were finally about to be lucky enough to have not one, but two precious babies.

I loved my pregnancy up until about week 30. I wasn’t sick, I felt fantastic. Then everything started to hurt. A LOT. The sheer weight of these two babies, plus a condition that causes extra fluid meant that it was all taking its toll on my hips and back. I was waddling in pain for the last weeks of my pregnancy. I was as wide as I am tall and I couldn’t drive as I couldn’t reach the steering wheel.

twin pregnancy and Childbirth from Taming Twins #twins #pregnancy #IVF #forceps #Csection

At 36 weeks, we went to see the consultant, I was preparing to beg him for an early induction in the coming weeks. I had the normal blood pressure test beforehand. Then suddenly there was a flurry of activity and two nurses ran out, getting me to sit down and asking me if I was okay. The consultant came and explained that my blood pressure was so high that they weren’t willing to let me return home and they’d be delivering the babies immediately. My lovely husband’s face was a picture I’ll never ever forget.

I was taken to the maternity ward. The two of us sat there waiting for some news. We started at each other and giggled nervously, we hadn’t expected to go home with any babies quite yet. They monitored me over night and my blood pressure was not quite as high. Excitement over, I was allowed home the following day after a sleepless night tossing and turning in the hospital.Back home, I went to bed with agonising back pain and stayed there most of the day. The pains got worse over the course of the day. At about 8pm, Mr TT came to check on me and found me stomping around using the labour pain techniques I’d be practising and hanging onto the radiator panting. All I could think is, “if this isn’t bl**dy labour, what is?!” No one told me that labour pains could be in your back alone and could be one long pain, rather than distinctive contractions! (In my experience anyway.)

So, off we went to hospital – 4cm dilated – boom! I had an epidural on the advice of the consultant. It was amazing; I slept, husband ate wine gums, time ticked by and I was eventually fully dilated and ready to push. The epidural was left to wear off so I could feel when to push and after a whole couple of hours of pushing (it only felt like 10 minutes or so) our little boy was stuck. Suddenly the room was full of people and I was being rushed to theatre for them to give him a helping hand with the forceps. I wasn’t upset to be going to theatre, I was just so happy that they’d be helping get him out safely. I was also selfishly so happy that the pain would stop.

I was taken to theatre, given more drugs (I tried to kiss the anaesthetist, I loved him so much at that moment). Mr TT got into his theatre scrubs, they gave me an episiotomy (joy), forceps, three pushes and G was out. They lifted him above the curtain, the rush of absolute love and relief was so powerful. He cried, they checked him over and then we held him and stroked his face.

One down, one to go..

They scanned me and found our little girl had moved down, but after 20 minutes of people pushing on my tummy to try and move her further, she refused to budge. They decided she needed to come out quickly and an emergency c-section it was to be. Everything was a blur, more drugs, lovely anaesthetist again, feeling tugging, pulling, people coming and going and then suddenly, our little H appeared over the curtain. So many more tears and complete and utter relief that they were both here safe and well. We sobbed. Every single moment of infertility anguish, waiting, disappointment and heartache over the last three years was suddenly worthwhile.

Both babies were 5lb 12oz (only 10 grams apart!) We stayed in the hospital for 5 days. Despite the slightly unexpected events of my double whammy labour, it was amazing. The hospital staff were wonderful, they came to help us feed every 3 hours all week, a lovely private room and Mr TT stayed with us every night. We were ready to leave when we did, but the NHS helped to give us a great start. I recovered really well and then the hard work really started…!

twin pregnancy and Childbirth from Taming Twins #twins #pregnancy #IVF #forceps #Csection

I bet it did! Thank you so much Sarah xxx 

An episiotem and a C-section? You poor thing but, like you say, all worthwhile when you finally got to hold your babies!

twin pregnancy and Childbirth from Taming Twins #twins #pregnancy #IVF #forceps #Csection

Did you have a twin pregnancy? How did it go for you?!