When I think of twins, I don’t know about you, but I think “uh-oh”. Not only does the thought of looking after 2 little ones, i.e. a tag team of crying – I’m done, now it’s your turn – make me weak at the knees but there’s the whole pregnancy and giving birth to them issue to deal with first!

Having said all that, Rebecca makes it all sound incredibly doable. And, she has kindly shared her beautiful birth story of hope in the face of double the obstacles!

My twins pregnancy/ birth story – Matthew and Daniel born 6th June 2013

 After nearly a year of trying for a second baby we were thrilled to find out I was pregnant again in October 2012. Two weeks later I started bleeding and had to wait until the following day for a scan at the early pregnancy assessment unit. The days wait was awful, it was my son’s 4th birthday and I was trying hard to be bright and happy but not knowing whether I had lost the pregnancy was eating me up inside.

The following day I had my scan and was completely prepared to be told that I had suffered a miscarriage, only to be told that we were expecting twins! I continued to have bleeding on and off until I was 16 weeks and lost count of the amount of extra scans I had! I was also signed off work with hyperemesis for 10 weeks and was hospitalised due to this at 13 & 32 weeks.

I was filled with anxiety when it came to the birth and aware that the twins were likely to be small and require time in special care. My midwife advised that there was an increased chance of them arriving early so for me, every extra day and week was a blessing. Before finding out it was twins, I wanted a home birth with no assistance or pain relief, and wanted everything to be relaxed and calm. This was not possible anymore and my midwife warned me that there would be a lot of people in the room. To try and regain some control I read a hypnobirthing book to help me relax as much as possible.

I made it to 38 weeks on my own and was booked in to be induced. I dropped my son off at nursery and had to hold back the tears knowing that the next time I saw him he wouldn’t be an only child! I had a proglastin gel pessary at about 1pm and was then told to wander around to try and get things going. It was a lovely sunny day and I ended up doing laps around the hospital grounds!

At about 6pm I returned to the ward and was chatting to my partner when I started to get mild back pain, these got a lot more intense very quickly and within 10 mins I was finding it quite uncomfortable! The midwife offered me some paracetamol but wanted to examine me first – I was 6cm dilated!

I was wheeled round to the labour ward and by this time the contractions in my back were getting very intense. A lot of people were around me, one nurse was putting a drip in my arm and I started to panic. I had some gas and air and my partner tells me I then started to calm down and went into myself. I asked for an epidural but after being examined I was 10cms!

My twin boys were born naturally at 7.30pm & 7.37pm weighing 7lb5oz & 7lb8oz! For the actual birth the only people in the room were my partner, midwife and a student midwife and they were fantastic. They really let me birth them myself and offered support where I needed it but they very much took a step back. I was able to leave hospital the following lunchtime.

Despite all the extra anxiety that my pregnancy came with, I wouldn’t change my birth experience for the world. I was amazed by how well my body coped and recovered afterwards- for the first few days afterwards I felt like superwoman!! My boys are now happy, healthy 4.5 month olds!

Matthew and Daniel's Twin Birth Story

Matthew and Daniel Twins Birth Story!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Rebecca, I think you are actually Superwoman and you’re my newest hero! xxx

Have you had twins? How was your experience?

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