What can you not bare to leave behind when holidaying in the UK? I think everyone’s holiday essentials are fairly similar – pants, socks, a few outfits and an iPad (if you’re travelling with kids! and a million more things if you’re travelling with a baby or toddler) – but when you add the beautiful words “in the UK” all of a sudden the must-haves can include everything from your favourite plant to the kitchen sink. Literally. It is hugely subjective!

As we’re on a UK holiday to the Peak District as we speak (at a little place called Pickle Cottage!!) it seemed the perfect time to analyse when we’ve packed and share a few of my personal UK holiday essentials!

UK Holiday Essentials – What I can’t bare to leave behind

1. The Organic Veg Bag

And any other perishables for that matter – nothing needs to go to waste while you’re away. But I do really love our veg bag!

10 UK holiday essential - 1. The organic vegetable bag! http://mumsdays.com/uk-holiday-essentials/

2. Ingredients for pancakes

We’re big fans of pancakes. No weekend would be complete without a few of my 4 ingredient easy pancakes. Plus, Reuben is notorious for getting even fussier on holiday, so this is my go to for making sure he at least gets a bit of protein even if it is hidden in something sweet!

10 UK holiday essential - 2. Ingredients for pancakes! http://mumsdays.com/uk-holiday-essentials/

3. A Juicer (or at the very least a stick blender!)

I love a green juice, especially after a few days of over indulging on holiday! Unfortunately I think Mike would have kicked me out the car if I insisted on bringing the juicer, so I compromised with a stick blender (which will also come in handy for pancakes!).

10 UK holiday essential - 3. Juicer (or at very least a stick blender)! http://mumsdays.com/uk-holiday-essentials/

4. Wellies and walking boots

For wholesome family fun outdoors and to take in some of the beautiful British landscape!

10 UK holiday essential - 4. Wet weather clothes and boots! http://mumsdays.com/uk-holiday-essentials/

5. Loads of toys and books!

With all that extra space in the car, we were able to stock up on more toys and books to make the cottage a home from home!

10 UK holiday essential - 5. More toys and books! http://mumsdays.com/uk-holiday-essentials/

6. Decent coats

This is a ‘wish I had’…I have a lovely coat but it’s a bit big for enjoying a good walk, so I had to borrow Mike’s coat!

10 UK holiday essential - 6. Decent coats! http://mumsdays.com/uk-holiday-essentials/

7. A Camera

To capture precious moments like this…racing with daddy!

10 UK holiday essential - 6. Camera! http://mumsdays.com/uk-holiday-essentials/

8. Sunday Best

I’m all for packing light but you’ve got to have your sunday best for a wee walk down to the pub for Sunday lunch when you’re in the countryside!

10 UK holiday essential - 8. Sunday best! http://mumsdays.com/uk-holiday-essentials/

9. Toddler Carrier

I mentioned earlier in the week that we really needed one of these and since then the owner of our cottage actually found one for us – hurrah! And we had a lovely walk today thanks to it. This would definitely make the holiday essentials list in the future.

10 UK holiday essential - 9. Toddler Carrier! http://mumsdays.com/uk-holiday-essentials/

10. My family!

On this occasion I’m so happy that my parents, my younger brother and their 2 dopey (massive) dogs could come too!! The ultimate of the holiday essentials.

10 UK holiday essential - 10. Your family! http://mumsdays.com/uk-holiday-essentials/

That’s my top 10 UK holiday essentials!

What are your Holiday Essentials? What could you not bare to be without on a UK holiday?!

I’d love to hear your must-haves below in the comments or come and join in the conversation on the Mums’ Days Facebook Wall!

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