We’re not really ones to go in for Valentines Day*. However, and I don’t think this is any great secret or that unusual, romance in our house post baby is at an all time low.  So I think we both have felt that this day required some attention and we’re going to make an effort to celebrate our love and Valentines with a baby in tow.

At the beginning of the week I optimistically bought a 3 course meal deal from Tesco (£20 for starter, 2 mains, side, dessert and a bottle of wine. I’ve also got myself some fake fizz to celebrate in t-total style). I’m now left considering the logistics of such a delightful affair. How does one do Valentines with a baby?

valentines with a baby

Valentines with a baby

It’s fair to say we don’t have the evening routine down yet. We don’t have any routine down yet for that matter. Nancy is a (mostly) content baby during the day so I can potter about and get little jobs done while she watches. But she’ll snack all day and either sleep on me or while we’re out.

At night I put her down between 8 and 9pm then go to bed myself. She has started to sleep for longer (and has slept through the night a handful of times!!), so unlike with Reuben where I was getting desperate for both time during the day and sleep at night, I’ve been less bothered about routines. That does mean, however, that Mike and I are never without the company of either one or both of our children. Lovely as they are, it is nice to have some alone time too.

Today we’re in a position where I’d like to have a romantic ready meal with my love and I’m not entirely sure when said meal will take place. If I try to put Nancy down earlier I run the risk of spending most of the evening in and out of our room settling her and eating at 9pm (not a popular choice in my eyes!). Or we have it earlier and I’m almost certainly going to be eating my lamb shank one handed while breastfeeding. Breasts out at dinner is not as romance inducing as it once was.

At the end of the day, any plan I make is likely to not pan out. So, one-handed lamb shank eating while breastfeeding may be the best it’s going to get. But as long as I’m doing it in my best maternity bra, that’s got to be worth something right?!

What are your plans for Valentines?

* Having said that, if my calculations are correct Nancy may have been conceived on this day last year. Haha!