Just a quickie tonight because instead of blogging during Reuben’s nap time, I was ripping pages from my magazines of women’s bodies. Not embarrassing at all! I’ll tell you why but bare with me…for years I’ve been reading that visualisation is the key to succeeding things – happiness, wealth, a sexy body.

Did I bother doing it properly? No.

What’s this got to do with magazines? Well, I’ll tell you.

After Susan’s last Mums’ List, I followed her advice to join the Bikini Series. If you sign up for their newsletter you get emailed a welcome pack with some nice recipes and a useful 5 step plan of HOW to achieve your goals. Step 1? You guessed it…visualisation!!

They say visualisation is key to achieving your goals. You need to totally believe it is doable and to make it easier to imagine yourself reaching a certain goal you should create, what they call, a vision board – hence my teenage magazine clipping collection this afternoon.

Way before Reuben, my best mate and I were running a business together. At a low point, we were reading Paul Mckenna’s book, I Can Make You Rich. I know. This post just gets sadder! He said to do the same. Find as many images as you can to represent the things you want in life (not necessarily materialistic things) and stick them in a scrap book. This would then make it easier to totally and fully imagine yourself in the future achieving all the things you want to achieve. Alex and I actually bought lovely scrap books to start our individual collages. We never did it though.

On a happy note, I still have the book so this afternoon in the backyard (clippings flying everywhere), while Reuben played, I started my very own vision board, or more book! It is so embarrassing, but at least no one else knows about it… ha! If it works, I might show you a page or two. For now you’ll have to be happy with a picture of my dream dog in my dream room!

visualisation - the key to success? http://www.mumsdays.com/visualisation/ #visualisation #goals

All synical thoughts aside, I share this because I am really hoping it will help me achieve my weight loss and life goals. We shall see! But in the mean time, for more tips on how to do visualisation, the Tone It Up girls have written a post about it.

What do you think? Have you used visualisation to achieve your goals?


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