At the end of a week or beginning of a new week, I like to look back through my photos to remind myself what we were up to. Here are a few highlights from last week.

1. Time with Mike

Mike and I had a date lunch this week at one our favourite local pubs. It’s a lot easier than sorting babysitters but means we still get some quality time together. Nancy even slept for a bit of it – until a dog lost it for seemingly no reason and woke her up!


2. Reuben won his first trophy


Reuben is really getting into football so he has spent 4 days of his halfterm at a lovely little football club in our nearest ‘big’ village. At the end of the 4 days they give the kids certificates and a few trophies. Reuben loves a medal of any kind so he was positively thrilled to be awarded the best improver trophy.

3. We went to Wallington

On Friday it was a balmy 13 degrees, which North of the Wall as we are, it basically felt like summer. Naturally we did not wear coats.

So we went with everyone else in the North East to the National Trust’s Wallington Hall. Despite the cafe being the busiest I’ve ever seen it, we had a lovely day playing in the parks and riding around the long woodland trails.



4. We had dinner with friends

Nothing out of the ordinary there…except it really is for us. We’ve barely done anything in the evening since Nancy was born so I invited us over to Jeannie’s house (Jeannie was my birth partner, along with Mike, and we had a disco in her campervan while I waited for my induction to start working). I didn’t actually take any photos while we were there but Jeannie did send me this photo before hand. A teaser if you will.



She filled each pineapple with all the fruits that you would find in a Fruit Twist Fanta…see my birth story for the reason why! Dinner was delicious, the company was great and it was so nice do something with other grownups for a change!