It’s happened. Mike gave me a telling off on Saturday, as I was about to reach for the chocolate, for eating too much. Queue some serious huffing, which lasted into the next day…”how dare you tell me what I can and can’t do” etc.

Before we hang him out to dry though, and I hate to admit it, he was right. I was drifting into eating for two syndrome (and then some) and Saturday in particular was a really good effort – McDonalds for lunch, Chinese for tea, plus plenty of snacks (and we’re not talking carrot sticks). So, after the huffing was done with I decided I need to take control.

I’ve heard about LiveStrong before, Mike’s been using it (to measure his 600 calories per day, or whatever it is he’s on) and the girls at work were for a while, but I have a bit of an aversion to calorie counting so I never bothered using it for weight loss (I’m not convinced it works and the idea of losing a pound a week really depresses me). Now I’m calorie counting to avoid putting on weight, it makes a bit more sense to me.

I’m aware that I have more time than other people at the moment to mess around with this stuff (today on the way to ASDA I realised that I didn’t have to stop once. I was so impressed on the way back I counted all the lights (10) and roundabouts (7) I went through – that’s time for you) but I’ve downloaded the livestrong handy little app, and it really easy! You can search for food or add calories manually, and it stores what you’ve eaten so you can quickly find things next time you have it. This should help with the cream egg dilemma…it can take you over the edge without you even realising. Damn you egg.

Mike’s still barely forgiven and weight gain during pregnancy is inevitable but here’s to calorie counting and not putting on weight! Just yet.