I’m having a scales amnisty. At least for the next 4 weeks. I’m working out as much as I can, I’m feeling better and Mike says I’m looking better…but those darn scales won’t budge! (In fact yesterday they went up, but I’m going to say that was trainers weight) So, therefore, rather than feeling better and taking Mike’s compliments, I’m moping about. My happiness (or at least how I see myself) is prisoner to a piece of measuring equipment.

No more! I’m going to do a little experiment for the next 4 weeks…do we need accountability/weigh ins to lose weight or is it holding me back? My theory for the latter is that you try hard all week and if the scales haven’t moved you’re think, well what’s the point? I may as well eat that dot dot dot.

JNL (I told you she’d be back!) said it took her 2 months of hard graft before she suddenly saw results. 2 months, man?! That requires sticking power, and I fear that if I’m weighing in on a regular basis and nothing is happening, I’m going to lose my way pretty quick. So, focus will be on the programme for 4 weeks. I’m just going to go for it and measure it by how I feel and how my cloths fit. Then I’ll have a little weigh (emphasis on the little hopefully) on 21st December to see how I’m doing. (Then Christmas will hit and I’ll probably have to start all over again, but we’ll ignore that bit!)

Exercise is great, it makes you feel good, releases those happy endorphins (so important for a new mum with sleep deprivation! I’m sure it’s helped me avoid the Baby Blues), builds muscles, fights fat…but if you’re aiming to lose weight, exercise accounts for about 20% of the weight loss, the rest is down to diet. Bad news for me because I’m particularly partial to food. But, with JNL’s help (from her book as introduced in my post Exercise After Pregnancy), I think I’m going to be able to do it (that should read I KNOW I’m going to be able to do it).

JNL is all about the high protein diet (note: not low carb – you still need complex carbohydrates but they must be whole grain, brown rice, that kind of thing). Protein keeps you fuller and more satisfied for longer, and feeds your muscles (rather than your fat cells, which is what white refined carbs do. Unfortunately), helping to repair them after workouts, which in turn will make them look SEXY. Hurray!

Here’s a sample diet plan following JNL’s method:

Breakfast = lean source of protein + 1 cup of fibrous carbs (i.e. vegetables or half a cup if you’re having fruit) + whole grain complex carbs (half a cup) e.g. 4 egg (3 egg white, 1 whole) omlet with tomato, mushroom and asparagus, and a piece of rye bread toast.

Snack = Protein shake* Always make your protein shake with water (although it tastes lush with milk (especially whole milk!), it’ll bloat you out). If I’m working out in the morning I’ll take the powder in a bottle and then add water to have after I’ve been in the gym. Really good for avoiding that post-workout slump that requires you to eat a cookie.

Lunch = much the same as breakfast e.g. Tuna, spinach and tomato wrap

Snack = Protein shake You can get a bit adventurous with your shakes, e.g. chocolate and banana smoothie – 1 scoop of chocolate flavoured protein shake + 1 banana + 180 ml water + ice cubes…blend and add a straw.

Dinner = lean source of protein + 1 cup of fibrous carbs e.g. 110 to 170g chicken breast with a tomato salsa and a green salad (NOTE: no complex carbs for dinner)

Snack = Protein shake This final protein shake may seem a bit overkill but it’s been my saving grace when I’m gagging for something sweet for pudding. Instead of being full of sugar, which will turn to fat as I innocently sleep, it’s full of protein, obvs, so again will feed my soon-to-be sexy muscles when/if I get some sleep.

JNL also says you can have a glass of red wine with dinner. Er, yes please.

The main thing that makes a difference to weightloss (and this is backed up by Jason Vale, the Juice Master) is cutting carbs in your evening meal. Think spaghetti bolognaise but without the spaghetti. Sounds shit but honestly, have it with a big green salad, eat it slowly and it’s not that bad!

Chilli prawn linguini (minus the linguini)

So, that’s it… wish me luck and I shall ‘weigh-in’ in 4 weeks time.

Any thoughts? What have you been doing/did you do to achieve weight loss after pregnancy? You know I need your help so please do comment! x




The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Diet: JNL’s Super Fitness Model Secrets to a Sexy, Strong, Sleek Physique

The Juice Master: Turbo-charge Your Life in 14 Days

* If you are planning on having protein shakes and you are breastfeeding, you need to get it checked over by your health visitor/doctor, just to be sure it’s ok for you to have.