I’m just coming out of a sugar (and alcohol, I can’t lie) induced Birthday celebrations haze to find that:

a) it’s nearly a month since I started going to Sound Mind and Body and training with Dan. I love it and I feel fitter but…

b) in terms of weight loss after pregnancy? The scales have barely budged (I have lost an embarrassing 3lbs)!

I feel terrible because Dan has been working really hard with me and I am letting the side down. Ultimately it comes down to me and my food diary…!

A few weeks ago Dan went through the food diary that I kept for a week and a half after we started. Now bare in mind that this was me being ‘good’, I found it enlightening. The following week I was good and we had a little bit of a breakthrough on the scales, but after last week’s Birthday escapades I need a rocket up my bum if I’m going to meet my first weight loss after pregnancy goal, which is “I have a date with a bikini in Gran Canaria on 8th April. I’d like to…feel confident to wear a bikini while we’re on holiday.”

So, I thought I’d revisit and share my food diary, which Dan has gone through in red to add calories and handy little notes! Please note that Dan had to guestimate some of the calories so it’s not competely accurate, but it’s good enough to show how the little things soon add up! Have a little read and see how similar your food diary is…

Weight loss after pregnancy – Hannah’s Food diary

27th Feb Wednesday
Tea – 40
2 egg, 1 egg white scrambled w 2 sml tomatoes and 1 slice toast (no butter) – 180+10+90=280
Green tea
1 coffee and homemade flapjack – guess at 250 (not usually big piece but ingredients are calorie rich)
Chicken with sweet potato and broccoli – 200+150+80=430
Decaff tea w milk – 40
Lamb stir fry with spinach and grated carrot and water – guess at 300 (dependant on portion size – not sure of ingredients)
Decaf tea – 40
Total = 1380 a good day apart from flapjack which may contain high quantities of sugar causing insulin spike & storing of excess calories as fat.
28th Feb Thursday
Tea – 40
Scrambled egg (1whole 2white) and courgette and 1 slice white toast – 280
Tea – 40
Blue berries and half banana w 4 dsp fat free natural yog  – 80+40+60=180
Decaff late –140 (assume regular latte)
Diet coke and chicken salad with sml white bread bun and butter – 0+250+130+70=450
Apple – 100
Decaf tea and orange – 40+120 (assuming 250ml glass of tropicana) = 160
Chicken and broccoli with coriander and avocado dressing – 200+80+150 = 430 assuming avocado dressing contains olive oil. These are good fats but high in calories
Orange 120 (assuming 250ml glass of tropicana)
Decaf teax2 80
Total = 2020 Generally the food is good on this day but although diet coke has no calories it is so sweet that body thinks it is getting sugar and gives a huge insulin spike, which leads to fat storing & also hunger cravings quickly afterwards. Also you need to be careful with quantities of dressings which contain oils as a little is very calorie dense & orange juice also very sweet so same rules apply. This is possibly on the upper limit of your calorie requirement.
1st March Friday
Tea – 40
2 poached eggs, white toast with butter- 160+90+70 = 320
Tea  – 40
Chicken pie with 1 scoop mash, swede, peas, carrots – 350 (tesco light choices) +200+30+30+30=640
Pot of tea and a mouthful of muffin – 40+100
Orange and decaf tea – 120+40=160
Slice apple – 50
Chicken, carrot and asparagus – 200+30+50=280
Slice of avocado and some BBQ sauce – 100+100 (guess at sauce calories/quantity but usually quite high in sugar)=200
1/2 bottle wine – 260
Orange – 120
Total= 2250 I have made some assumptions here with chicken pie quantity and also with BBQ sauce & amount of muffin/cookie you had but hopefully they are quite representative. I think the point I am making today is that sometimes the little treats add more calories to the meals than the base components ie the butter on the toast, BBQ sauce which is sugary, muffin & 1/2 bottle of wine. All nice but they don’t fill you up or provide anything that the body needs but just give you calories…which become fat.
2nd March Saturday (evening at Mum and Dad’s!)
Slice brown toast and peanut butter – 80+90=170
2 poached eggs and toast – 320 (assuming butter again)
Pot tea – 60
Greggs sandwich, cheese and onion crisps and diet coke – 520(Greggs chicken sandwich)+173+0 (Hate diet coke)= 693
Half cookie – 100
Bottle water
Sunday roast (pork and crackling, mashed potato, carrot, Yorkshire pud, roast veg, gravy) and cheese cake with mixed berries –170+200+50+60+60+30+300+100=970 OMG!
4sml glasses red wine – 480
Chocolate squares about 5- 120

Total – 2313 Not the best day and was a bit lenient on the Sunday roast calories too! I appreciate that if you are out its hard to get good food but maybe try Boots meal deals rather than Greggs. Also assuming the cheese cake & cookie were one offs if you were out and about. Lots of sugar & fat today & the wine makes up about 1/5 of your calories for the day.

3rd March Sunday
Slice toast with poached egg – 80+80 (assumed no butter) = 160
Toast and jam – 80+80+70 = 230 have assumed butter on this one
Tea – 40
2 half pint diet coke (I hate diet coke – did I mention that?)
Lamb roast (carrots, a roast potato, roast parsnips, half Yorkshire pud, cabbage and gravy) – 160+30+80+80+30+30+30=440
Chorizo sandwich, half orange, homemade flapjack  – 50+160+40+250=500
2 decaf tea- 40
Total = 1450 A better day in terms of calories but still snacking on sugary foods
4th March Monday
2 fried eggs (with oil spray) on plain brown toast with 1/4 avocado and 2 sml toms – 200+80+80+30=390
2 teas – 80
Banana – 100
Chicken, leek and spring onion omlet (1 whole, 2 whites) and baked sweet potato 100+30+160+140=430
Chicken soup and cauliflower florets- 100+50=150
Peach, strawberries and blueberries with fat free yog and 1 tsp manuka honey – 60+30+80+60+60=290
Lemsip – Oh Dear!
Totals = 1440 Good Day. Lots of eggs – possibly too many?
5th March Tuesday
1egg2white scrambled eggs and 3 sml toms. Porridge made with skim milk – 160+30+287=477
Tea –40
Chick soup and brown bread slice 100+80=180
Banana- 100
1/2 cheese scone with butter – 130+70 = 200
1scoop ice cream – 80
Lemonade – 100
Orange and 2 teas 120+80
Tuna steak and avocado salad – 150+150 = 300 (assuming no dressing)
Decaf tea – 40
Totals = 1717 – A few treats too many but morning & evening meals are really good.
6th March Wednesday
2 teas – 80
Scrabbled eggs (1 whole 2white) bit butter – 160+70 = 230
Toast, tomatoes and mushrooms (1cup) – 80+30+30 = 140
Salmon and spinach lasagne w salad and a smal bit of bread – 350+60+80 (assuming no dressing) = 490
Half a strawberry tart and half a choc tort (bad!!) – 160+280 (assuming that the strawberry tart was half a single one not a family size!!!) = 440
Tea and a coffee – 40 +40=80
Orange and decaf tea – 120+40=160
Shell on prawns, little couscous and courgette thing w olives – 60+160+30+60=310
2 glasses white wine – 240
Totals = 2170 Breakfast and dinner great. Lunch ok depending on quantities as could be more than I have allowed for. Tarts & Torts generally not a good thing & I think I was quite lenient on the amount of calories in those! Wine mid week and on a training day?!
7th March Thursday
2 fried eggs on toast and toms – 200+80+30=310
Steak strips w salad and new pots and shlur – 200+80+150+120=550
5 toffee choc things – 125
1 coffee – 40
tea – 40
Orange and tea – 120+40=160
Pork chop w avocado salad – 170+150=320
Protein shake – 125
Totals=1670 A good day really with a manageable treat.
8th March Friday
Scrambled eggs (1 white 2 whole) mushrooms on multi grain bagel – 230+30+250=510 (assume no butter)
2 teas – 80
Orange and protein shake – 120 + 125=145
Omlet and rice – 180+150=330
Tea and muller lite yogurt- 40+90=130
Coffee – 40
2 plums – 60
Pork chop with carrot, cauliflower and small bit of swede and potato mash – 170+30+30+200=430
Strawberries and fat free yog – 30+60=90
1/2 bottle of wine – 260
Totals = 2075 I think the wine just tipped your over on this one. The bagel is maybe a bit too much and bumps your breakfast calories quite a bit but its not bad so don’t worry about it too much.

Hope that’s ok & you don’t hate me for pointing out what you already know! Basically you are good at your meals & it looks from the pictures on instagram that the portion sizes are good. You certainly have a sweet tooth & even the diet drinks (did I mention I don’t like them?) which are zero calories are not helping you in your quest to get rid of the tummy. The wine is also area for consideration/concern as it sometimes just blows all of your good intentions out of the water!

Ideally what we would suggest is that you be good during the week cutting out any processed and sugary foods (including wine) & then allow one or two days off, within reason, at the weekend to have a drink & perhaps a dessert or two. Obviously it is difficult to stick to this rigidly depending on circumstances if you are going out with friends but if you aim for the ideal then make some sacrifices it will all help.

I can also understand that with having Rueben it is important that he has a very varied diet so I can understand your diet as a result but I think small tweaks will get you big results in a minimal amount of time.

What I learnt from this is:

1) Dan doesn’t like diet coke! I always thought it was OK as it’s got no calories but as you can see from what he’s said (aka insulin spike causing your body to store fat and get hungry quick/crave sweet things) it’s the enemy of weight loss after pregnancy (or weight loss at all for that matter!). I’ve also heard it’s terrible for cellulite…! Oh, and of course there’s the aspartame link. Some people say bad, other people say we’d need to drink a boat load a day for it to have a bad effect. However, there’s no harm in erring on the side of caution with this one!

2) I need to cut the booze. I thought I was being good having a bottle spread out through the whole week. Nuh uh. Not to Dan – and he makes a good point – it’s empty calories and lots of ’em. Plus, even just 1 glass makes me want to be naughty…meaning, one-track-mind…I want more wine and inevitably more food too; therefore, all good intentions are lost as the cork pops!

What now? I go on holiday 2 weeks today. Dan says I should be sticking to between 1,200 and 1,400 calories per day and I can have 1 (or 2) days off. However, we’re talking ‘in the long term’, and I just don’t have that luxury anymore. It’s time to get serious and if there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I’m an all or nothing kinda gal. So, I’m going to go all or nothing for a health kick! Ideally I want to shed some weight but also this cold I’ve been carrying around since February, which is why I plan to juice.

I wrote a post a year ago about the Juice Master* and my top 4 of his books. In the past juicing has been the rocket up my bum I’ve needed to lose weight (post Christmas, pre wedding, etc) and my favourite book is still 7lbs in 7 days, because not only does it make it incredibly easy to lose weight but you also feel amazing at the end because the juices have everything your body needs. So your hair, skin, eyes, nails, everything gets a big boost. And, boy I’m ready for a boost!

The only difference is this time I have a baby. But the time for excuses are officially over, this time next week I’ll be singing a different, skinnier tune.

weight loss after pregnancy

Me and my ‘all or nothing’ buddy on my birthday…

weight loss after pregnancy

…But we’re going to be good now!

*If you’re interested in trying out juicing, I’d suggest reading my post about it (link above), which has links to each of the books, but also CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR! Get their go ahead first, especially if you’ve only recently had a bambino.

Here are some useful apps that I’ve been using:

  • My fitness pal (free) – count calories for everything you can ever imagine (even the Greggs sandwich I had on 2nd March than Dan hasn’t let me live down!)
  • 7lbs in 7 days (£4.99) – for some reason the book I bought through ibooks isn’t working but happily I have this app so it has everything mapped out for me for the next 7 days, including a shopping list.