“Mum, what makes it rain?”

Erm…I know this, I’m sure I know this!

Thankfully, today’s review is all about a lovely little book that aims to answer some of those tricky questions and explain the weather to little kids: What Makes It Rain? from Usborne Publishing. {You can see the process behind how the illustrator comes up with the concept here.}

Mums’ Days Reviewer, Alison, has been reading it with her little girl, Sophie. Here’s what she thought…

What Makes it Rain - Book Review from Alison, Mums' Days Reviewers

What Makes it Rain – Review

Quality: ★★★★★

Price: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★★

When the offer to review this book arrived on the same day as Sophie asked “Why is the river more full than yesterday?”, following heavy rainfall on holiday in Beddgelert, I jumped at the chance.

The book is a study boardbook with durable flaps on each page. There are six double page spreads, each covering a weather topic such as thunder and lightning, rainbows and snow.

What Makes it Rain - Book Review from Alison, Mums' Days Reviewers

It’s packed full of the beautiful Usbourne style illustrations I love, and remind me of books of my childhood, with sturdy flaps and engaging questions.

Each topic explores around seven questions, answers hidden beneath flaps. The flaps serve a dual purpose in offering some active engagement for those children who can’t read and to hide the answers from those who can to allow them time to think about what the answer might be.

At 2 ½ years old, Sophie’s river question was one of the more advanced that she’s asked and, really, I think the book is better aimed at over 3s (as per Usbourne’s website) but she’s still enjoying it.

What Makes it Rain - Book Review from Alison, Mums' Days Reviewers

We’ve tended to focus on the shorter, simpler or more attention-grabbing questions, and used the images to talk around the subject. It’s a book I can still imagine using in years to come and think the range of questions mean it’d work well for reading with multiple children of varying ages, as well as one to one with children of over 3.

What Makes it Rain - Book Review from Alison, Mums' Days Reviewers

I read the book with Sophie on her first night in her ‘big girl’ single bed, so it will always hold an extra special place in my heart. It also seems to score well with Sophie: this has been the book of choice despite attempts to distract with others, having read it every night for the last two weeks! Sophie has now learnt which questions we pick out and so picks us up if we skip one, and is starting to ask for the ones we’ve always missed to be read out – there’s no fooling her! And this leads me to my only warning about the book: it suddenly feels like a long book if you’re reading most questions on each page! I will be keeping a watch for new titles from Usbourne on similar lines, and can imagine buying these as gifts.

Thanks so much for your review Alison!

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