Babies all around us have turned into toddlers and we seem to be a bit behind the times when it comes to thinking about when to move from cot to bed…A little while ago on the Mums’ Days Facebook WallCatherine asked the group about her then 18 month old, Henry, and when to move from cot to bed. He had just learnt how to escape his cot! The responses were great but I was literally shocked about how many toddlers way younger than Reuben have made the big move!

Since then I’ve been doing some thinking, commonly known as over thinking, about it from the Montessori Bed (Our Montessori Bed Experience is an awesome introduction to what it’s all about) to admiring big boy beds (I did look in IKEA but the quality isn’t amazing, so when I was having a look on I quite fancied something like this!) but ultimately…

At almost 21 months, Reuben doesn’t seem ready for a move! Or is it that I’m just not ready for it?

When to Move from Cot to Bed – Reasons Against

He can take up to an hour to go to sleep at times, during which time he’s rattling the bars and grabbing whatever he can reach to throw around – there’s been times I found him either under his changing mat (that’s now very much out of reach) or more recently cuddling up to part of his kitchen (his arms are definitely longer than I think they are). So I can just imagine being up and down the stairs a hundred times between 7 and 8 putting him back into bed, Supernanny style!

When he does sleep he is all over his cot. The bottom/the top, it’s all the same to him. Surely that means he could easily fall out?

The house doesn’t seem safe enough. We’ve never had stair gates and don’t plan to get them. The thought of Reuben being able to pad from his room and up another flight of stairs to our room in the dark is not appealing! I have a feeling he wouldn’t do this as he’s never slept in our bed and would probably just shout for us. But, I don’t want to find out the hard way! So either the house would need some attention, or we move house sooner rather than later.

His room would need completely rethought. His room is basically set out for adults because it was a nursery. So things were at a hight that would be convenient for Mike and I when we needed to see to him. This would need to change so that things were accessible for Reuben, so no high bookcases for him to climb or sofas he can’t get onto. However, kids don’t like change! So, surely we will need to make these changes now, get him used to it and then think about changing his sleeping arrangements.

If it ain’t broke…? I’m not that keen on change either! We’ve got it good at the moment, he’s sleeping through for the most part. If he wakes up before 7 he is given some books to read, which he happily does. Why would we want to change all this? Why disturb the peace?! He’s happy (and crucially not attempting to climb out). We’re happy!

When to Move from Cot to Bed – Reasons For

However, I also love change! I love watching my little man grow up and learn new things and come and tell me all about his day (in words that aren’t quite understandable yet!). It’s amazing. And this next little milestone, will be super cute!

I love the idea of him feeling in control of his environment and free to move around. And, although the articles I’ve read suggest there are no hard and fast rules regarding when to move from cot to bed (from 18 months to 3 and 1/2 years I read in one place!), am I actually holding him back?

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A poor quality photo but he was so cute climbing up on the bed and lying down!

When did you make the big move? Did you go through similar anxieties? Or am I basically waaaaay over thinking when to move from cot to bed?!