Smart watches seem to be all the rage at the moment and with a whole host of bells and whistles, it’s not surprising. One of the latest on the market is called the Zing Watch and Mums’ Days Reviewers, Tanya, has been trying it out for size.

Here’s what she made of it…

The Zing Smart Watch - Mums' Days Reviewers - what a real mum thought!

Zing Smart Watch Review

Quality: ★★★☆☆

Price: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★☆☆

I have wanted a smart watch for a while. After having my second child I was keen to start exercising again and tracking my activity even if it was just walking to and from nursery every day. I was lucky enough to be sent not one but two watches from MvBii.

The Zing Smart Watch - Mums' Days Reviewers - what a real mum thought!

I received the Zing+ (£69.99) and a Zing Zap (54.99) from the Cambridge based company. My first impressions were good. I liked the packaging and both watches fitted well on my wrist. I particularly liked the way the Zing+ poppered on instead of the traditional strap like the Zing Zap. They are definitely more affordable than other watches I’ve had my eye on so I was really keen to see how the features would compare.

The Zing Smart Watch - Mums' Days Reviewers - what a real mum thought!

Features of the Zing Watch:

Build private micro networks of your close friends and share messages, activity and your zing diary.

Use our unique zing-ER clip based messaging to brighten up you and your friend’s days.

Shuffle and play your smart phone music playlists from your wrist.

Use zing as a selfie control for your pad, pod or phone.

Use zing activity to track your activity over the days and weeks in a simple and easy to understand way.

Use the zing wheel to build your own diary and share it with close friends.

The Zing Smart Watch - Mums' Days Reviewers - what a real mum thought!

I started with the Zing+ and my husband used the Zing Zap. They took just 2 hours to charge which needs to be done from a USB point. The App is free to download (hurrah!) and easy to understand. But I have to be honest and say it took me a while to get the gist of the actual watch. The lights just kept flashing at me and the only thing I could understand was the time. I persevered and found more in depth instructions online which helped a bit more.

It was interesting to see that the interface was just made up of lights, no buttons, no dials at all. It looks very different to others I have seen and after reading the instructions I was keen to find out just how it worked.

If you double shake the device when it’s in the ready position it will make the Zing vibrate indicating that the gesture has been recognised. Vibrations then tell you that the double shake has been recognised. This gesture then activates certain functions dependent upon what mode you are in. You can also do the half roll, full roll and the single shake. And if you blow across the face when the device in the ready position that also works to activate other functions. Takes a bit of learning that is for sure! So my Husband and I paired our watches and we tried the different features and this is what we thought:

Sending a message – we tried numerous times to send each other messages by using the technique as suggested. This involved blowing on the interface  but it didn’t always work.  You can send messages via the app on your phone which worked fine. This is a fun feature if you have a group of friends using the same watch but one I don’t really need in a lifestyle tracker.

Music – This is one feature I quite liked the thought of and actually I found functioned well and I could skip through tracks. Great for when you are on the go.

Selfie control – I really liked this feature. I like to take pictures of my family and I am forever setting my phone on a shelf and running away to pose within the timer (often fails). With the watch you can shake your watch and it takes a selfie by linking with the Bluetooth on your phone.

Activity tracker – this worked well and I liked the dial. The more colourful and the further out the “rays” stretched, the more active you were. However, this only works when you have your Bluetooth on on your phone. If it is off it does not fill in the blanks with the activity you have done offline. As the watch isn’t waterproof it meant if you went for a swim you can’t log this information or if you forget to put your Bluetooth on on your phone and went for a bike ride you would miss out on this data.

The shaking, rolling and blowing was a fun way of doing things at first but when changing my sheets, it would go on to different features as I was shaking the quilt cover on. This was annoying! I tried shaking harshly and slowly and then got frustrated that it didn’t do what I wanted.

I really like the look of the Zing+ and I like the way you can change straps and even wear it as a necklace.  I like having the latest technology and learning how to use it but in this case im afraid it just much more complicated than it needed to be. Whilst having games on it might be fun for the younger users, it just wasn’t a feature I needed and yet it kept going into that mode when I moved my arms about.

The Zing Smart Watch - Mums' Days Reviewers - what a real mum thought!

Overall I rate the watch 3/5. I really wanted to like it and understand it but it is all just a bit too complicated for me. I think if it was just the activity tracker and photo taker it would be my ideal watch as I like something that is a bit different and the design is really cool.

Quality – 5/5 – because it fits well, I like that you can change the straps and even wear as a necklace. It felt well-made and like it would last the test of time.

Price – 3/5 – This is due to it just being too complicated for me and therefore half the features wouldn’t get used so wouldn’t be value for money. If they did exactly what I wanted this would be higher but I have to be honest.

Thanks so much for your review Tanya!

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