Reuben seems to be doing nicely in his 3 year old development. In fact he seems to surprise me every day with what he’s able to do.

The theme of Reuben’s development at the moment is independence and I feel like I’m walking a bit of a tightrope!

I never know when help is required and when I need to back off… the sanctity of peace is constantly in peril!

3 year old development – learning to dress

His latest trick is dressing himself.

It has been both awesome and distressing in equal measures!

3 year old development - learning to dress

In some ways it’s totally awesome because I’ll leave some clothes out and I’ll come back to find him dressed.

But in the process there have been a few obstacles to contend with:

1. I have been banished from his room while he dresses – direction, such as that’s an arm hole not a leg hole, is not welcome

2. There are often cries of utter distress but I am still not allowed to help

3. You cannot be in a rush and patience is indeed a virtue

4. Not all pants/tshirts/jumpers etc have a tag at the back

5. You sometimes have to accept that an inside out, back to front t-shirt is OK, as are shoes on the wrong feet.

6. I do draw a line at back to front jeans and this is not always welcome information

7. With this new found independence, questioning authority is apparently mandatory!

3 year old development - learning to dress

I have found that if I lay his clothes out as above, this seems to remove some of the issues mentioned.

Plus, he is so much quicker and better at dressing now the sounds of distress are getting fewer and farther apart.

And, I was even allowed in the room while he dressed to take a couple of photos! Progress.

3 year old development - learning to dress

My big boy! It’s so lovely to watch his grow but I don’t believe he’s starting school in September.

Slow down, Time. Slow down.

3 year old development - learning to dress

Have you had any standout moments of independence as part of your child’s 3 year old development?

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