the 5:2 diet - does it really work? I'm hoping so!

OK, another faddy diet, coming right up! This time it’s the Fast Diet. Also know as the 5:2 diet. Remember a while back I was talking about the 4 hour body diet? Well, I did a wager with my best mate, Alex, that the person who lost the most weight would get a bottle of champagne from the other one. Well, I fairly quickly lost 4 1/2 lbs on the 4 hour body (or slow carb diet) and then quickly got sick of it! Alex on the other hand was doing the 5:2 diet and she had lost over a stone and a bunch of inches to boot. She finds it really easy and so she’s been encouraging me to give it a try.

How to do the 5:2 diet

What Alex does is on the 2 days that she’s fasting (note: these mustn’t be consecutive days) she will basically go as long as she can on tea or coffee and water or herbal teas. Then she will have something light (approximately 100 calories) at around 2 or 3 and use the rest of the calories for her dinner. I haven’t actually read the book but I figured if I followed Alex’s routine alongside my visualisation, I should get on OK! Click here for more info on how it works and the health benefits of fasting.

Day 1 of the 5:2 diet!

I gave it a go yesterday and it really was remarkably easy, despite the fact I’d been on a 3 day Hen Do where I’d been eating a LOT and drinking a LOT. By around 1 or 2ish I was pretty starving so I had a small helping of soup, enough to satisfy me. Then at Reuben’s dinnertime I had a bit more (about 75 cals per serving). When Mike got home around 8, I finally got to eat a proper dinner of pork steak, asparagus and mash potato (I never normally eat carbs at dinner time but I felt I needed it!) and was totally satisfied.

What was more interesting is that today I haven’t been as hungry as I normally am. I’m always having morning and afternoon snacks and I haven’t wanted them today, despite going swimming this morning.

So, there you have it – Day 1 of the 5:2 Diet done! I’ll be doing Day 2 tomorrow and I’ll do a weigh in next Wednesday to see if I’ve lost any weight.

Apparently you lose around a lb a week which, to my usual ‘lose weight fast/put it back on fast’ mentality, sound utterly shit but I’m eating as healthily as possible anyway and putting visualisation techniques into practise…focus on the long game, but also set smaller goals that I can reach and celebrate each week. I’d like to lose a stone by the time we go on holiday in August, which is doable at 1 lb a week. There’s your motivation to stick with it right there!

Have any of you tried the 5:2 diet? How did you find it?