Every Mum’s Day is split into bits of time and every Mum will tell you that there aren’t enough of those bits to get everything done. But we do what we can and we do it the best way we can. Sometimes it’s a bit naff because we were pushed for time/knackered after being up all night with our precious angels/trying to do 5 other things at the same time/etc… but the point is we did and always do try our best!

And, that’s why I’m here blogging…it’s taken me a while to realise but basically I am demonstrating how I try my best and always have the best intentions for those bits of time, which I hope in turn will inspire you, but more often than not, I do something a bit shoddily. I hope that in sharing my triumphs and tragedies (potentially an over exaggeration but seriously some of the cakes I attempt are a tragedy) I can also make you feel better about going out with sick on your top (unknowingly or because you didn’t have enough bits of time to get changed).

Anyway, I’m Hannah and I’m 39 years old. I’m a single mum to two children, my son who is 10 and daughter who is 4, and am going through a divorce as we speak.

I like reading about food (including cook books – I don’t get it either but more often than not, that is my bedtime reading of choice), going food shopping, making food, and coming up with new good intentions, i.e. thinking about all the other things I should be doing/having/wearing/cleaning/brushing/ironing/eating/not eating/removing/painting/shaving/plucking/etc. I am a list writer and queen procrastinator and so with the best of intentions I HOPE TO DO BETTER and will undoubtably document it here.

If you have any suggestions for topics, things you would like to contribute, general ideas or just want to say ‘Hi!’, you can email me on [email protected], I would love to hear from you.