The Hannah Harvey business juggernaut consists of my online courses; an immersive mentoring service; day and weekend retreats; holistic bodywork; Shirohdara sessions, and my amazing podcast ‘Happily Ever After.’ 

You might have heard me on BBC Radio Newcastle as I often get invited in as a guest. I’ve also been on (ADD RADIO STATION). Generally, it’s whenever an issue we’ve brought up on the podcast becomes a hot topic. 

Before mentoring, writing, and podcasting, I ran ‘Mums’ Days’ — an amazingly successful parenting blog that led to me creating content for the likes of John Lewis, Tesco, and Argos. 

My new book, ‘How to Divorce Sober’, is out later in 2024, which I’m very excited about. It weaves together my personal journey in overcoming addiction and co-dependency with loads of self-help strategies to take back your power. The services and online courses I offer all stem from my book.

Beyond that, somewhat surprisingly, I have an Integrated Master’s (MEng) in civil engineering. (I got a first.) 

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Outside of work

I live with my two lovely children in Whitley Bay, a stone’s throw away from the ocean. It’s a rapidly gentrifying coastal town not too far from Newcastle that would very much like to be Tynemouth. I love living close to the sea, as I really value an ice-cold swim to clear my head… The beach has come in handy for special meditation sessions and ceremonies too. 

Outside of work, I enjoy thinking about food; reading about food; going food shopping, making food, and then eating it.