Back in January my mate, Claire, and I were invited by The Barre to come and try out a couple of classes. I took the beginners class, 1st Barre, and Claire took the pregnancy class, Rock-a-Barre Baby – you can read our reviews of The Barre here. I thoroughly enjoyed the Barre Workout but as I’m already a member of a gym, I felt that I couldn’t justify the additional cost.

The Barre Workout – Update

3 months later and I’d barely been near a gym, I was less fit than I was in Janurary, as heavy as I was only months after Reuben was born and generally feeling down on myself. It was time to do something to get my ass back in the game. As self-motivation wasn’t on my side, at the beginning of May I signed myself up for 10 Barre Workout classes with an aim of moving from 1st Barre up to Open Barre within that time. If I didn’t like it after that, I could quit and get back to the gym.

Barre Workout and new Newcastle Venue #TheBarre #Barre #Workout

Turns out I’m a total convert! And, not only did I make it to Open Barre within 6 classes but I’ve signed up for 5 classes a week for the next 3 weeks (using an unlimited introductory pass it works out at £3.75 a class instead of £12!). I will also do as much as I can up until our holiday in the middle of August. This is Project Bikini! But, more importantly for me, it’s Reuben’s 2nd Birthday the day before we leave for Portugal, I want to finally feel happy about my pre-pregnancy body 2 years on!

What I like about the Barre workout is it is a really happy medium between classes at the gym and having a personal trainer. The 3 instructors I have had Maxine, Natalie and Claire are all super attentive. Because the class sizes are small enough, even if you’ve been coming for ages, I’ve noticed that they still keep a close eye to make sure your form is perfect and you’re working as hard as you can! Ouch but good.

My next challenge is to join the 100 shot club. You get a t-shirt and everything.

The Barre Workout – Venue Update

In May, The Barre moved and the new venue is LUSH. I feel like a proper hipster going in! It is honestly like you’re working out in All Saints – all bare bricks and fittings.

I like to pretend I’m that girl from Flashdance. By day I’m a welder but by night I’m an amazing dancer. Or something along those lines…!

Barre Workout and new Newcastle Venue #TheBarre #Barre #Workout

Barre Workout and new Newcastle Venue #TheBarre #Barre #Workout

Along side the ‘look’, this new venue has 2 studios (so more classes!), more toilets and changing rooms and also boasts showers! Everything is plush and new, and I just love the extra details too – hairbands, deodorant, tampons, etc! Just in case. Ideal for the office workers who run down in their lunch break!

Barre Workout and new Newcastle Venue #TheBarre #Barre #Workout

But don’t let this new venue fool you, the reception is as warm as it’s always been. Plus because of its location down by the Quayside, there is more foot traffic. Nothing makes my day more than seeing a bin man doing a pirouette because he’s seen us all stretching in the studio.

Barre Workout and new Newcastle Venue #TheBarre #Barre #Workout

This here post ain’t sponsored – I just love my Barre Workout!

Do you fancy having a go at the Barre Workout?

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