being normal…or not! AllAboutYou

I saw this picture about being normal on the Urban Realist account a few weeks ago and it made me larf!

It also made me think that having a blog, and doing well at it, requires you not to be normal. In fact, you need to be as unique as you possibly can be!

And, that’s why it’s been such an honour to have hosted AllAboutYou for the last 3 weeks. You lot couldn’t be less normal so thank you! (That’s a compliment!)

AllAboutYou – taking part

So, what have you been up to this week? What are you loving/hating/thinking/doing/making/wearing? We love reading about your passions, your thoughts, your views, your style, your projects, anything about you in fact.

Last week’s AllAboutYou was another belter and apologies again for taking so long to get around you all!

I loved Katie’s post about the night she dined with Manolo Blahnik (& Vogue)…it totally took me back to doing exciting things in my 20s!

You know when you just want to be someone else…that happened when I read Tara’s post! I love the outfit but even more so I love how she describes it.

I also really enjoyed (maybe not the right word, related to?) Sarah’s post about loss and finding the right path for herself. Moving and inspiring.

Over to you! You can link up to 3 posts, and ideally please visit a couple of other linkers too to share some comment love.

Mama and More

If it’s your passion, we want you to link up a post about it.

Party rules –

  1. Please link posts specific to the theme of this party – this is your space to link up posts all about YOU, whether it’s style, fitness, food, concerts or sky-diving!  You can link up to 3 posts.
  2. Please link the URL of your specific AllAboutYou post, and please feature the badge or mention the linky, because it’s a nice thing to do!  We tweet out and comment on every linked post that does!
  3. Please comment on at least two other posts within the AllAboutYou link party – don’t just link-dump!

Feel free to tweet or share about the link party so that more people come along and join too, although this is by no means obligatory!

In short, you link and we’ll pin it.  But the community bit is up to all of us – so do spread some comment love!

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