Sarah Clarke - Antidote for the love jaded

motherhood relationships Feb 14, 2023

Today, on this V Day, I bring you the perfect tonic to my love-jaded heart and all the divorce talk. Over on Happily Ever After I am joined by Sarah Clarke. Sarah is a Celebrant and was recently described by a mutual friend as “human sunshine”.

Listen to Happily Ever After with Sarah Clarke: Antidote for the Love Jaded, here

Thank you so much to Sarah for joining me. It was actually the first time we had met, which is weird!

Northumberland is a small place and we have many mutual friends, Sarah also married a mate of mine from uni, who she met AT one of my best friend’s sisters’ wedding. I’d heard so much about her, I’ve loved watching all her Instagram posts (she's a big deal on the gram!) about life with twins and I was so glad to finally meet her!

On the podcast, Sarah and I talk about calm love (vs the rollercoaster), romance, toxic relationships, the Art Teacher (who I'm currently dating!), my hideous teenage experience that has affected my female friendships for years, mum guilt and much more!

Sarah also answers questions such as...

When you were little what did you think Happily Ever After would look like?

Did you always know you wanted to get married and have kids?

I knew her life juggling little ones would be something that you and I could relate to, but it’s been Sarah's recent talk about her career that has really struck a chord with me. 

I have loved some of her reassuring posts about the fact that she just wasn't really all that ambitious or bothered… well, before now!

Sarah explains her career journey so far. And how she has ended up becoming a celebrant and all the variation this now affords her - and the importance of celebrating the endings as well as the beginnings.

We talk about her first funeral as a celebrant and how she managed to deliver a really personal service for the family without getting overly emotional herself. An impressive feat, given that she was reading out the heartbreaking Nick Cave song, Into My Arms.  

Not an episode to miss!

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